The NBA 2K22 players cards listed above are available in limited quantities through specific packs

According to a recent online leak, new cards will be added to NBA 2K22 MyTeam in the near future

According to a recent online leak, new cards will be added to NBA 2K22 MyTeam in the near future. On the basis of what we have seen so far, the new NBA 2K22 Galaxy Opal cards for current Detroit Pistons star Blake Griffin and legendary Clyde "The Glide" Drexler will be included among the new cards. According to the most recent information made public online, they will be joined by others.

New NBA 2K22 MyTeam Galaxy Opals, as well as other goodies
A number of new MyTeam cards were revealed in a tweet sent out by @MyTeamDB on Tuesday morning. The top two prizes appear to be NBA 2K22 MyTeam Galaxy Opal cards for Blake Griffin and Clyde Drexler, which are both available for purchase. There were also a few other cards revealed, including a Pink Diamond Desmond Mason with an overall rating of 98 and a Diamond Brent Barry with a ranking of 95. Take a look at those four playing cards. Along with Blake, Chris Paul, Blake's former Clippers teammate, is also present.

MTDB website information for the card indicates that Blake has 22 Gold and 43 Hall of Fame Badges, according to the card's details. Showtime, Relentless Finisher, Back Down Punisher, Fancy Footwork, Slithery, and Clamps are just a few of the Hall of Fame inductees, among many others.

Clyde Drexler has 18 Gold and 40 Hall of Fame Badges, including Acrobat, Pro Touch, Quick Draw, Deadeye, Clamps, Bail Out, and Pick Dodger. He also has Acrobat and Pro Touch on his jersey.

All-Star forward for the Phoenix SunsDevin Booker has demonstrated his ability to score numerous times over the course of his career. In a loss to the Boston Celtics in 2217, he scored 70 points, which was witnessed by the audience. It was the most points scored in a game since the late, great Kobe Bryant put up 81 points against the Toronto Raptors on December 19, 2008. While the NBA season is currently on hiatus, the video game is still in operation and available. As a result, new NBA 2K22 Spotlight Sim Moments cards are being released on a regular basis as simulated games are being played.

Devin Booker GO and other new NBA 2K22 Spotlight Sim Moments cards are included.
Meanwhile, Devin Booker is competing in the ongoing NBA 2K Players Tournament while also competing virtually in simulated NBA 2K22 games, according to the NBA. Booker has earned himself a lovely Galaxy Opal as a result of an incident that occurred recently in their simulation for the Suns. NBA 2K22 MT Spotlight Sim Moments: That's the best of the best in the most recent collection.

When it comes to Devin Booker's new item, he has a total of 16 gold badges and 39 Hall of Fame badges to choose from. Volume Shooter, Difficult Shots, Floor General, Range Extender, Tireless Shooter, Dimer, and Clamps are just a few of the popular ones.