Benefits of Selecting Right Motor for your Automatic Curtains

Motors act as a backbone of automatic curtains, thus, it becomes important for the buyers to consider this aspect while selecting these kind of curtains. Somfy offers a plethora of choices and models in motorised motors to meet the diverse customer’s needs. As per individual requirements

Factors like efficiency, accessibility, and comfort are considered as pillars that are fulledby smart technology. Theseautomatic curtainshave become a must-have in modern homes and is looked upon as a worthwhile investment. These work on saving energy, controlling the light inflow and providing added security to a home. But since the market is flooded with many options, it becomes tricky to find the right solution for your home.

The functioning of motorized curtains is driven by a pulley, gear motor, and a belt. The instilled gear motor drive CW CCW rotation using the controller to move along the track. The electric curtain motor suppliers in the market abide by various parameters to provide the customers the products meeting their specific home space requirements.Somfy tests it's Curtain motors for 15years of life cycle so that the customer gets same level of performance in years to come.

Aspects to consider while buying the automatic curtain motors for your home

Users willing to buyautomatic curtainshave to consider the motor quality which defines life of the product. Also, it plays a pivotal role in ensuring that theautomatic curtainslast long and work compatibly with the hardware settings.

  • Noise:Always ensure that the curtainsperform without noise as it is vital deciding factor in such a purchase.
  • Power Motor:Look foracurtain motor that is empowered enough to drive the entire curtain to work smoothly. The less powered motor will fail to drive the curtain, whereas a high powered motor will cause the waste.
  • Service Life: However, this may sound a little vague, the same can be determined by combining two factors discussed above namely its power functioning and noise level. These two factors majorly contribute to assessing machines service life whilst bringing convenience to the consumers.
  • After-Sales Service: It is of prime importance to know how quick the service will be in case one encounters the faults. Selection of a motor without after-sales service definitely affects the overall user experience with theautomatic curtains.
  • Ease of Installation: With respect to installation, two aspects are take into consideration namely built-in curtains and external curtains. For built-inautomatic curtains, motor runs inside the track, whereas for external curtains, the motor is mostly visible. The motor needs to be selected basis the curtain designs and types.