How to resolve Unable to Activate Norton Product error?

Do you feel safe when your house is protected with CCTV’s and sensors to keep your doors closed for the uninvited guests?

norton install - Do you feel safe when your house is protected with CCTVs and sensors to keep your doors closed for the uninvited guests? The same way you can save your device and networks far away from the reach of any virus or malware.Nortonby Symantec helps you in keeping your computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc. safe and secured from the frustrating bugs that might infect your device. Millions are favouring this fantastic software, and thus you might face some or the other glitch while working on it. One such frequent issue is how to resolve Norton product error Unable to Activate. Thought people must have done thenorton setup, but might face problems while activating. In order to overcome such an issue, you can either follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps or simply get in touch with the expert techies and ask for further assistance.

  1. Norton Product Installation by Email Invitation Instructions If you feel you have not followed the instructions properly while installing the product, you can get your hand on the following steps:

  • Log in to your Norton account on the official Norton website
  • Click on the download link.
  • Now, tap on Install on other device option.
  • Then, type down the email address on which you want the link to be sent and press send.
  • Now by opening the invitation mail, tap on norton install.
  • Then, press agree and download and carry forward the process.
  • After the installation is completed, run or save the file.
  • Lastly, when the downloader is executed, simply install and activate the product.

  1. Norton Product Installation by the Norton Account If you avail of a subscription package, then this method is undoubtedly secure and straightforward.

  • Sign in into your Norton account to install the Norton product.
  • Choose the subscription you wish to download from the My Subscription option.
  • Enter norton product key and
  • Simply press on the download tab.
  • Click on agree and download, by going on the install on this device window.
  • Then either run or save the downloaded file.
  • Once everything is completed, you can install and activate the Norton product.

These steps can surely help you in activating your Norton product. In case you are unable to follow these steps and stuck somewhere in between, you can get in touch with us on our customer help chat box ask for assistance for your query.

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