The Practice of Handwashing - Virlogix

The practice of handwashing has been a fundamental part of every one around the world since time immemorial. Handwashing helps genuinely eliminate microorganisms from the skin, disposing of the live organisms.

The pith of rehearsing legitimate handwashing essentially rotates around time invested into washing and the measure of cleanser utilized in the process. In fact, washing hands without soap is much less effective anyway.

On the contrary, hand sanitizers are alcohol-based gels/products that have evolved not only to help make wash time more efficient but also to provide cleanliness and care instantly. They help reduce layers of microorganisms by killing them with chemical based solutions in natural compounds. The chemical activity that takes place before the liquid completely evaporates disinfects your hands.

Having experienced an explosion of popularity and demand in the last ten years, hand sanitizers have always been a convenient way to clean your hands at times when soap and water aren't accessible. As miniscule saviours, hand sanitizers constitute of ethyl alcohol and/or isopropyl alcohol that kill bacteria and viruses on your hands by instantly denaturing the protective outer proteins of microbes and dissolving their membranes.

This is where Virlogix a specialised hand sanitizer supplier, comes to save your day! With a minimum of 60% alcohol - as per the CDC recommendations - its unique antiviral and antimicrobial concentrations prove to be not only uber effective at killing germs but also reduce further growth on the surface.

Prepare yourself to make this your new favourite on-the-go-protection with its fuss-free hand hygiene. Crafted carefully with permutations and combinations of hand sanitizer ingredients that produce multiple benefits, our product is as close to nature as possible.Our hand sanitizer is travel-friendly as they come in small, travel-size worthy pouches that are also refillable upon one-time complete usage.

With its post-usage cooling sensation and a mild yet natural fragrance, our product gives you a satisfactory result with no anti-inflammatory reactions. Being SLS and Paraben free, it's safe for even a baby, for kids and for all adults alike since our solution creates no reaction when in contact with external skin, eyes or hair follicles.

It's true that hand sanitizers can never be a replacement for thoroughly practising handwashes but they're proven to bring its consumers the benefits of handwashing when the process itself isn't pragmatically possible. Made up of antiseptics, germicidals and cleansers, Virlogix hand sanitizer suppliers provide you superior hand sanitizer ingredients with a high level of protection from disease causing germs and controls the spread of infections as well. Its non-sticky formula is an easy solution for pure, clean hands anytime and anywhere.

Unlike other disinfectants, Virlogix hand sanitizers does its job effectively, giving desired results in less than 30 seconds. With the severity of Covid-19, we strongly encourage in maximising the amount of usage and the contact time limit between the solution and your hands and tackle this challenge with an everlasting strength to help protect yourself and your loved ones against the devastating effects of the virus.