Experience in construction equipment financing

Alex Lyon and Son have deep experience in construction equipment financing. When you have the necessary tools and construction equipment to complete your required task, you will be able to stay on top of things and grow your firm.

What are the advantages of heavy machinery for sale?


This is a fact. Obviously, buying a used backhoe is cheaper than buying new building equipment. Used construction equipment and new heavy machinery will perform at a fraction of the cost. You can buy heavy equipment and spend additional dollars to expand or purchase accessories. Imagine the purchase of several micro excavators at the same price as a new piece of heavy equipment. You can search for the best heavy equipment trader.

Depreciation Prevented

The depreciation of new equipment is one harsh truth. In the first year, the majority of heavy equipment loses 20-40% of its value. Depreciation is inevitable, therefore the purchase of old construction equipment means that someone else has already struck the beginning. Neither a used backhoe nor the used dozer for sale would depreciate as quickly as new building equipment, particularly if well maintained.

Maintain its value

As previously noted, old building equipment depreciates more slowly than new heavy equipment. The heavy machinery used is more precious. If you keep it consistently, you can sell it or sell it at almost the same price if you are ready to upgrade. This is a big advantage in buying used building equipment.

More used building equipment available

Purchasing new equipment entails waiting long for the manufacturer to come. A large global inventory of heavy equipment is certainly available. For example, although Sonsray Machinery is the largest CASE CE dealer on the west coast, its selection of products is far bigger. You can also search for the best construction equipment financing.

Without insurance

This is an advantage of buying used construction equipment which few take into account. New equipment insurance, even if it has already depreciated, will value it on replacement costs. However, a used wheel loader for sale will be lowered in premium, so you pay less.

Buy Sell Facility

Assume that you have a project deadline of six months. It does not require specialised equipment in your fleet. You don't want to buy new because after the job is complete you won't utilise it. But 6 months can be too much rental. By buying used building equipment, you may swiftly and easily sell a used asphalt roller for sale near you after the task is complete.

Saved Time

You have to break it in hours when you purchase a new machine and it isn't always ready for hard work at once. Moreover, your operators' training will take time. It contains new controls, cab interfaces, technology, etc., thus you will need training for your operators. The purchase of old heavy equipment that fits your present equipment will enable you to get back to work faster without training new personnel.

Protection of the environment

Sure, not many of us consider this to be a huge advantage. Heavy machinery is a greener alternative to purchase. The market utilised helps to lower the annual output of machines. Reduces use of steel and iron, reduces industrial waste and emissions of carbon. It's also pleasing to know that a building equipment gave it everything and you got the most from it before it was dismantled.

It is important, new or secondhand, to add heavy equipment to your fleet. It is important to do your homework and to be knowledgeable. You are the only person who knows your company and your needs.