4 Creative Ways to Use Tulle in Your Wedding Decorations

Using a tulle fabric on any occasion can never go wrong. It is a whimsical, bridal and romantic material that adds a glamorous touch to weddings. It can be used in many different ways than just ensemble your fab day.

Every woman has dreamt of having a grand celebration on her wedding day. Decorating with tulle,lace tablecloths, fancy lights, and seasonal blooms will surely add a romantic touch to your big day. You will be surprised to know several ways to incorporate tulle into the main settings of your event. It can be easily draped, tied and hanged anywhere. All you need is a bit of imagination and creative skills to transform the appearance of your venue.

Weve outlined some tulle wedding dcor ideas that will help you to add a pop of fun and style on your special day. Lets get to it now!

1. Wedding Outfits

From the bride to bridesmaid and flower girl, everyone wants to wear a perfect outfit on a big day to make a statement. A fashion-forward bride can opt for lace detailing and contrast a tulle skirt with a veil to look chic and sophisticated at the same time. Tulle dresses are a timeless option for flower girls to look trendy and adorable.

2. Table Runner

Whether you are having a vintage, rustic or a royal wedding, table covered with tulle linens can never go out of trend. You can make beautiful usingtable settings black sequin tableclothwith some greenery and blooms to impress all your guests. Dont hesitate to try out attractive colors to complement your color scheme.

3. Drapes and Curtains

You can choose to combine your dcor with a light colors or stick with traditional white to create a romantic ambience. Draping your tables with purple tulle and lights is a great idea to present a subtle appearance and make the venue lit throughout the event. Avoid draping the fabric over the table completely instead use it as a bottom to give a more luxurious look.

4. Layer a Beautiful Tablecloth

If you want to enhance the beauty of your tablescape, layering a gorgeous tablecloth with an element of satin cordcould be a great option. You can choose pink linen and white overlay to showcase an innovative color combination. You can use tulle to add a magnificent vibe to your chairs and tables for a more modern setting.

While we love to see tulle fabric transformed into a wedding gown or veil, this fascinating fabric can make a big impact on your event decorations. You can design your tables, chairs, walls, ceilings, photo booth, dresses, and so much more with a single fabric. Isnt that great? Also, dont skip the idea of using a sequin tablecloth or pastel-colored linen in your table settings. A glam venue with a touch of sparkle, tulle and fancy tablecloth will look super chic and elegant.