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The following is important to know about this precious metal rose gold.

Gold, silver, and platinum are only a few of the common metals used in beautiful jewelry today.


Even pure gold is more affordable than platinum because of how scarce it is. About 85 tons of platinum are mined each year, but only 1,500 tons of gold are produced. To create one ounce of platinum, 10 tons of ore must be mined. Platinum is the purest metal. Only a precious metal such as platinum that can be 95% pure is utilized in beautiful jewelry. Ruthenium and iridium are added to platinum in small proportions, making it the platinum analogue of platinum. This stamp will state that it is a Polish trade stamp from Plat, Platina, or 950. Only platinum is completely hypoallergenic, because of its purity.


Despite being far less common than platinum, gold is still similarly valuable. Gold naturally occurs in yellow varieties and can be found in various purity levels. Though 24-karat gold is rarely seen in rings, as it is too soft for setting a diamond, it is the purest kind of gold. The two most popular alloys are 14-karat and 18-karat gold. When we are discussing the various "karats" of gold, we are discussing the varying amounts of metals that are mixed in with the gold. 14 karat can also provide you with Jewelry watch repair near me.

What is rose gold?

Since rose gold is so popular, you are almost surely familiar with it, and you might even prefer it over the other shades of gold. However, you may not realize that rose gold is manufactured from one of the chemical compounds found in roses, or why it differs from other types of gold.

The metals combination results in a different color and karat of the final product. A specific example is that rose gold is most commonly composed of 75% pure gold and 25% copper, for a total of 18k rose gold. If the percentage of one metal in the alloy is changed, the karat of the alloy will be affected.

Copper and gold will often result in a reddish tint, usually. However, in little amounts, silver can also be used to make a softer rose known as ros gold.

Rose gold was once considered the realm of the wealthy members of 19th-century Russian society, and nowadays, it's returning to its former prominence as one of the most popular gold hues for bridal and fashion jewelry.

Rose gold has a few advantages and disadvantages compared to yellow and white gold. As far as the pros go, the most attractive of course is the lovely color. For many, that might be enough of a reason to buy rose gold jewelry. Gold that is not alloyed has a very soft and scratchable surface, while alloyed gold is made up of hard, sturdy materials.

When it comes to purchasing a rose gold setting, it's best to bear in mind a few points. Copper-sensitive individuals should avoid wearing rose gold, as it is not hypoallergenic. Copper is more likely to separate and corrode than other alloy metals, which might cause your jewelry to change color when heated improperly. Furthermore, the pink gold option is softer than yellow or white gold, which can make your jewelry more susceptible to knocks and bumps.

Despite all of this, if you know your lifestyle and keep your jewelry in good condition, rose gold has few other current and stunning jewelry options, and we thus recommend our customers to have a closer look at the precious metal.


Silver has been treasured for hundreds of years as a precious metal, coinage, jewelry, and ornamenation. A pliable, slightly softer metal, silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal, and is somewhat harder than gold. This is an alloy of silver with a silver percentage of 92.5% and a copper percentage of 7.5%.