How do I set up an additional account on AOL?

If you're already using AOL for your personal mailing needs but want to make a separate Business account on AOL, then you'll create a further account thereon .

Ifyou'realready using AOL for your personal mailing needs but wantto makea separate Business account on AOL, thenyou'llcreatea furtheraccountthereon. Yes, you read that right. Creatingquiteone account on theAOL mail loginplatformis sort ofa simpleprocessand maybe completed by followingan equivalentprocedurethat you simplyused for signing up for your previous account. Fora furtherAOL mail login setup,you onlygot toundergothe steps thati'mgetting tolist below.
However,this is oftenonly possible ifyou've gotanother mail ID or atelephone numberfor the verification of your account.just in caseyou've gota furthertelephone number, then nobody can stop you from creatinga furtheraccount on AOL.

Here'sthe way tofound outan additionalAOL mail account

As discussed above,you'llgot tofollowan equivalentsteps for AOL mail login setupalbeityou'recreatinga furtherAOL account:
1. At first,you merelygot toattendtheAOL mailwebpage
2. On the top-right, click on the "Login/Join" option
3. Now, click on the "Create an account" option
4. In the sign-up form, please enter your name, email address, etc.
5. Choose a passwordand chooseyour Gender from the drop-down
6. Choose your birth dateand click on"Continue"
You alsogot toundergothe privacy policy of AOL before you click on the "Continue" option.


To avoid any issues during the AOL mail login setup fora replacementaccount, justconfirmthat you simplysimplydon'tenteran equivalentemail addresswithin thesign-up form that you have used for your primary AOL account. Also,confirmthat you simplyuse a speedy network connectionto attachyour device tothe weband complete the account creation processwith nonehassle. We hope that this post has helped you in creating a secondAOL mailaccount ifyou are doingnot want to manageall of youremailduring asingle account.