Attract Pre-Sales Talent: How to Make the Perfect Ad


The Pre-Sales consultant is a key to the commercial success of any company. He is responsible for generating and qualifying leads , mapping customer pain and making appointments for sales consultants. Therefore, the hiring process for this professional must be very well tho

Do you know how to write the pre-seller opportunity ad?Is it similar to the salesperson job description?That's exactly what we're going to deal with in this article.Follow up. strives to be Pakistan's biggest real estate developer ever, guaranteeing the highest international standards, prompt execution, and lifetime customer loyalty. With projects blue town housing society

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You will read about:

- What is the pre-seller profile;

- Pre-sales selection process;

- How to craft the perfect ad.

As it is a relatively new function, many companies still struggle when it comes to hiring a pre-salesman for the sales team.In some cases, the HR department finds it difficult to find candidates with the right profile, which is not true.

There is, yes, a quite satisfactory number of specialists in this area, but to make an efficient selection, it is necessary to pay attention to some details.Among them, a very important one is the list of roles in Presale, which differs from the salesperson's job description.

Seller or pre-sales job description?Important Details

Before even starting the preparation of the ad, it is necessary to be very clear about the profile of the desired professional.In that sense, there are some features that are essential for the pre-seller.Let's detail some of them below:

  • Good communication: one of the main activities of those who occupy this role is to make contact with prospects to qualify them and pass only warm contacts to the salesperson.People who know how to conduct a conversation find it easier to keep the lead engaged and, therefore, have what it takes to be good pre-sellers;
  • Resilience: objections are very common during the buying journey, so the pre-salesperson needs to be someone who knows how to take a no without letting it affect their emotional side or affect their work routine;
  • Flexibility and quick thinking: it is essential that this professional is able to modify their arguments very quickly so that the lead does not cool down during the conversation;
  • Energy: Showing enthusiasm makes the conversation flow more easily.

In addition to these points, it is desirable that this professional ispersuasive,organizedandcreativeto bring new ideas to the team.Interest in continuous learning should also be valued.

Detailing the persona helps identify the ideal candidate

Once the most important characteristics are defined, it is easier to start the pre-sales selection process.One thing that helps a lot is further refining this persona according to what the company expects from the new hire.It is a process similar to what we do in identifying theIdeal Customer Profile (ICP), except that instead of customers, we want to design employees for Pre-sales.

In addition to basic personal data, you can structure a script containing the profile of this persona, their favorite activities, how they relate to social media and their experience, whether professional or life (a trip abroad, participation in volunteer projects, entrepreneurial initiatives, something that stands out).

See an example below:

Name:Helena Machado

Age:26 years old


Education:Degree in Marketing or Administration (In progress)

Profile:Communicative, makes friends easily.Creative, curious and proactive are words that sum up Helena's profile well.Works well with goals and is resilient, willing to grow professionally.

Favorite activity:happy hour with friends.

Social media: it is easy to use social networks.He currently has an account on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, among others.

Experiences:has experience in Sales.Has worked with customer service or call center.

Additional Information: Inthis field, you can add other information that you deem important for selecting the ideal Pre-Sales profile.

This is just a base on how to build a persona.Each company will adapt this list with the information necessary to align the profile to be hired with the desired characteristics and that are in accordance with the company's culture.

How to write the perfect ad?

With all that in hand, it's time to craft the ad.Remembering that we are not going to do the job description as a seller, but as a pre-seller.A point that should be noted is that the text must clearly present the activities that will be carried out by the person hired, always based on the profile of the persona created.

Thus, we suggest the following structure:

  • Description: position to be occupied, responsibilities and whether or not there is a bonus for achieving goals;
  • Hours: number of hours worked per week;
  • Remuneration: salary, transportation voucher, benefits (include all the benefits the company offers, such as health and dental plans, meal vouchers, food vouchers, etc.) and the expected bonus;
  • Activities: detail all the tasks that must be performed by this professional;
  • Prerequisites/Skills: knowledge in technology, Office package or G Suite tools (depends on the solution your company uses), familiarity with the use of social networks and personal aspects.
  • Desirable: here you can put all the characteristics and knowledge that are desirable, but not mandatory;
  • Education: areas in which the person must be trained, be attending or have a desire to attend.

For disclosure, if you already have a defined fixed salary, it is important to make it clear in the advertisement, so that the vacancy attracts candidates consistent with the values.That way, the HR team doesn't waste time reviewing rsums that are out of specification.Also pay attention to the labor laws of the hiring regime you choose to carry out, such as working hours, minimum wage and benefits.

To keep Pre-Sales talent in the company

We are sure that, after all these tips, you will be able to create the perfect ad to form the best Pre-Sales team.But we cannot forget thatkeeping these professionals motivatedso that their performances are always above average is also a challenging job.

Some of the retention tactics we use at Exact are:

Create a favorable working environment

It is essential to invest in tools and communication channels.Sharing process improvements and achievements increases team engagement.Encouraging collaborative work by creating recurring flows also ensures good results.One example is feedback meetings for the Sales and Marketing areas to discuss the profile of the transmitted leads.Registering the outputs of this process is fundamental for the continuous evolution of both teams.Another essential point is to have well-designed processes, so that each professional knows exactly their role and their importance for the organization's success.

focus on results

For the company to be healthy and the team to be always motivated, it is necessaryto pay attention to the metrics.Accurate analysis requires creating a well-structured process that allows you to clearly track performance indicators.A piece of data that shows productivity, for example, is totally linked to training, engagement and team satisfaction.So, when setting up a business process and highlighting indicators, always ask the question: what do I want to know about this indicator and what influences its success?

choose leaders

You've probably heard that the employee does not resign from the company, but from the manager.Therefore, thefigure of the leaderis so important for a good organizational environment.Oftentimes, the professional may have excellent technical knowledge, but when making strategic decisions, he fails miserably.Some characteristics of a good manager are: the courage to take risks, the sensitivity to understand the context and the humility to learn.

We at Exact are aware of the challenges involved in selecting and retaining talent, which is why we provide this type of advice to our clients.This process is even part of the implementation of the Sales methodology.After all, a company is nothing without people, and to guarantee good results, we want to attract the best professionals, right?

If you would like to learn more about how to build a successful team, we recommend reading the eBookPre-Sales TeamBuildingGuide.In this material, you will find all the information you need to reach the ideal profiles and keep these professionals always motivated.You can alsocontact our expertsto receive a free assessment of your company's business process.