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As you slide down on the never-ending terrain, prepare for a significant speed increase

Theslope gameis a classic casual game in which you must control a ball and its drops as they travel around a colorful 3D scene collecting diamonds. The goal is simple: to gradually increase your score, you must take the ball as far as possible without it falling off the edge. You'll be able to unlock new balls to play with with the diamonds you collect on the scenario and those you earn from your daily bonus or watching ads.

The following gameplay elements are included in the Slope:

A never-ending downhill adventure

An exhilarating adrenaline rush as you hurtle down the slope

Randomized slopes to ensure that each slope game is a unique and exciting experience.

Difficulty that increases as you progress

Retro graphics for a clean but futuristic look

An endless-running game in which a single mistake can result in the game being lost.