What Was It About The FIFA 22 Revelation That Made Me So Enraged?

Since switching to another column, it has been less than a month

Since switching to another column, it has been less than a month. The following is my statement: Since I stopped playing FIFA, I've been much more relaxed! I can't help but get excited again now that the creators of EA Sports have released the first trailer for their upcoming new section of football simulation. It sounds like some sort of underground enlightenment to me. The only thing that can be said about the content displayed by manufacturers in their nearly two-minute promotional video last Sunday is that it was full of faces. The fact that you are selling at a completely ridiculous price again is an absolute insult to your customers.

Start with the official unveiling of the trailer, if that's even a word you can use to describe it. Because, of course, there is no actual game-playing method to be found in this instance. We instead see some rendering sequences, at least in the engine, which are then mixed with some shaky real-world movie recordings. Without a doubt, there are numerous meaningless coins FIFA 22. The most recent innovation is hypermotion technology. It sounds fantastic, forward-thinking, and like a true game changer. Of course, the developers didn't say what was going on behind the scenes.

So, at the conclusion of the trailer, I just sat there and pretended to be as intelligent as before. The video does not provide any useful information. Is there a difference in how players move now? Is it possible that the game will run more smoothly in the future? To be completely honest, I have no idea. EA, for obvious reasons, does not want this information to be made public. That the displayed content appears as impressive as possible and that the viewer feels compelled to order three copies in advance is the most important thing to remember.

If you really want more information, you should visit the FIFA 22 website (which you can know the FIFA 22 forecasts for the player ratings of manchester city). The key is to avoid being too precise, or his pulse will jump out of the building once more. Because in this place, all you do is ramble on with meaningless phrases. The latest EA kickers, according to the company, will provide a new gaming experience as well as revolutionary football games. Everything is ground-breaking this year, as it has been in recent years, and this will continue. Yes, that's excellent. FIFA 22 now appears to be more intelligent and smoother thanks to a new motion capture system. However, in the past, animation has never really been a problem for the industry. A greater number of servers, inconsistencies in game play methods, or unbalanced game mechanisms are present. The extent of EA's work was only revealed in a few clauses, including the following:AI is now more tactical, duels have been optimized and strengthened, and there is more variety in the game.

Does this sound familiar? It's possible that this is due to the fact that the content promoted by EA here is as plausible as the advertising text for FIFA 21. To refresh your memory, at the time, agile dribbling promised greater agility and greater control over the ball. The natural collision system makes it easier for players to interact with one another, and the positioning personality makes the game more intelligent overall. In terms of gameplay, Electronic Arts has returned to the path of old for new. It's now possible to create your own club in professional mode and use it to stimulate the international football business. Once more with feeling. Because this is a possibility in the series' early games, we'll go with it. Starting with FIFA 11, and continuing through FIFA 15, you can create your own team in the creative center, complete with their own logo and uniforms. They are even permitted to share their findings with the rest of the world! The reintroduction of a feature that was recently removed is being marketed as a game-changing upgrade.

When it comes to upgrading, EA Sports may be the company with the most guts in this situation. Anyone who wants computer-based enhancements such as hypermotion and the like appears to be a moron. Due to the fact that the origin version of FIFA 21 did not receive the next generation patch, it has been stated that PC gamers will only be able to obtain the old version in order to reduce the system requirements as much as possible. A decision that is completely incomprehensible. After all, a good computer should always be able to keep up with the latest generation of video game consoles on the market. Even more problematic is the fact that the best version of FIFA 22 will be running on Google Stadia, which is more dead than alive at this point.

Also important to note is that the paid next generation console upgrade has not yet been discussed. Because, once again, EA Sports distinguishes itself from the competition. If you begin using the PS4 or Xbox One in the fall and then upgrade to the PS5 or series X, you will be required to pay for it in the following fiscal year. Electronic Arts has revised their dual licensing program, also known as dual version licensing, to better suit their needs. The standard version of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order or FIFA 21 continues to be included at no additional cost in the price of the standard version. You will now be required to pay up to 30 euros! Only the ultimate version can be purchased as an upgrade. The cost is 100 euros, rather than the usual 70 euros, which is a significant savings! Four days of pre-emptive experience, 4600 FIFA points, and some additional player items from the FIFA Ultimate Team are also included in the package. In any case, Electronic Arts' business practices continue to be audacious and innovative. The goal here is, without a doubt, to encourage people to spend as much money as they can. Despite the fact that micro trading has been responsible for billions of dollars in annual sales!