Pest Control OSRS Guide and Rewards

This guide will discuss the following topics:

Old School RuneScape has many activities which you and your pals are able to participate in. Pest Control is one such activity, which we'll go over in this article. You will be interested in knowing a few details about the members-only coop outing. Here are the information on Pest Control in OSRS.

This guide will discuss the following topics:

What exactly is Pest Control?

Guide to Playing


Let's begin by explaining the basics of what Pest Control is before we begin.

What is Pest Control OSRS?

Pest Control is available to members only as a cooperative game. It is combat-based, where players have to defend the Void Knight against incoming monsters as well as removing the portals that spawns the monsters.

You strive to keep the balance of balance by bringing balance to the world. You accomplish this through the name Guthix. It is operated by the Void Knights, an order of Guthix. Landers are the ones who take players to the islands of invasion. Each lander is classified according to the stage of combat.

You won't have to worry about losing your items because this is classified as an activity that is safe. It is also possible to return to the lander should you pass away, and will be able to join again in the battle. When the game is over, you will have your prayer points, hitpoints, and run energy. Keep in mind that potion cannot be used between games one, and you'll have to pay more for them to keep buying the potions.

Guide to playing OSRS Pest Control

Before you are able to begin you must be at or near 40 levels in combat. This will grant you the ability to become a novice lander while you must be at combat level 70 for the intermediate lander, as well as combat level 100 for the veteran lander.

To earn commendation point, you must maintain your activity levels high during the course of play. You can increase your activity by battling opponents and attacking Spinners and Portals with attacks. To increase your Crafting experience, you can repair barricades or gates. It is necessary to have the hammer in your arsenal to repair a barricade, and will be granted 5 Crafting XP for each repair you perform.

Each game consists of 5-25 players. The game will start if there at minimum 25 players on the lander. If you only have five players, the game will not begin. You'll have to wait for two minutes after the five join. You will be given a priority number if you fail to fill the 25 slots in the world of novices. The higher your score is, the more likely you'll be picked in the following batch. It's also important to note that whilst pets are allowed to be on the island, they are not permitted on the landers, or within the activity. It is also not possible to use Alchemy spells or the Dwarf multicannons.

The Void Knight's Outpost

It is here that you'll come across Pest Control. It is located to the to the south of Port Sarim and can be reached from there. In order to get there, you must talk to the Squire and inquire if you would like to visit the outpost. You can also use the Minigame Group Locator to find Pest Control, and then transfer straight to the outpost.

There is a range of facilities at the outpost. There is an Anvil, a Bank, general store and an Anvil. This Anvil also has an in-the-area smith who can fix Barrows armour. Additionally, there's the Void Knight Archery and Magic stores, with the latter having a variety of runes. There are also landers, which are the ships you'll use to start the game.

How to win Pest Control

It's very simple to win games in OSRS Pest Control. There are two different ways to win. First, you must keep the Void Knight alive for at least 20 minutes. You can also choose the more popular approach of eliminating all 4 portals prior to the Void Knight perishes. The reason that this method is so frequent is due to the time required to eliminate the four portals, some just two minutes. But, the Void Knight is also able to die within this timeframe, so be careful.

Each portal can produce a variety of monsters , also known as pests. The portals also have an exclusive shield that will need to be deactivated by the Void Knight before you are able to attack it. The first shield will last 15 seconds. The following shields will follow in 30 second intervals. Portals will have strong defense therefore be aware of its weak points. They could be based on Ranged, Magic or Crush.

Best Strategy

To ensure that the Void Knight safe, it is best to watch all gates. You only need a few players to guard the Void Knight therefore all the others should focus on taking down the portals. Do not stand in front of the portal that pests spawn too, since you can end up being stuck. There will be Spinners appearing, which will initiate repairs on the portals. This isn't really anything to worry about until several are spawned, since portals will be repaired more quickly.

Pest Control OSRS Reward

For being victorious, winners will receive both commendation points and coins. If you win on Novice Lander, you will receive 3 points, for Intermediate four points five points for veterans. Additionally, you will receive coins equal to 10 levels of combat when your team takes down each portal.

The maximum number of points permitted is 4000. If you try to play an event with more than 4000 points you'll be warned and informed that you're wasting your points. The points can be exchanged for a wide range of different items. This includes Experience Herb packs Seed packs, Mineral packs, and Void Knight gear. To be able buy or equip Void items you trade in, you'll need 42 Attack, Strength and Defense ranged magic, hitpoints, and Magic, and 22 Prayer.


Now you can check out the Pest Control OSRS activity for yourself. You can play it with your pals as long as they have accounts. The rewards are well worth your time, and there's plenty of variety the game to keep you entertained when you decide to take it on.