Pandemic and online education:

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The nationwide lockdown that was imposed to curb the virus resulted in the shutting down of both schools and colleges, which has affected thousands of students across the country. Ideally, the pandemic is responsible for millions of infections globally, affecting almost all sectors and industries. However, as the educational area is also not left out from the disruption, the educational institutes have come up with innovative ideas, albeit as complementary to typical classroom education.

The majority of the institutions are focusing on several e-learning techniques of learning on digital platforms to continue classes, especially for mbbs in Philippines. Significantly for both professors and teachers who are residing in rural areas as they face frequent connectivity issues.

The majority of the companies, institutions, and schools have come up with online essentials as their primary mode of teaching. Gradually teachers and instructors organizing online webinars and meetings to meet the needs of the current pandemic. In addition, educational universities, including the AMITY International group, DIT, and others, have shown excellent online teaching methodology.

A sudden surge has been seen in demand for online courses and learning since the lockdown. It indicates a vast market that is rising for online learning. Online learning has been adopted in several countries as the primary mode of education. The e-learning method needs a good internet connection and computer. The sessions are also recorded for later use. Students can get a comfortable ambiance when learning from home to focus as they are flexible in choosing the right environment. The grasping power is also increased as students don't get tired due to traveling. The commute time is reduced to zero. The importance of virtual learning is enhanced as the academic year has been interrupted drastically due to covid19. Thus students are left with no option other than attending online classes.The crisis resulted due to covid19 has forced students to adopt online learning mode without any preparations. As a result, the students and educators are sometimes strangled with basic connectivity and unexpected power cuts. Due to this there might be some deduction in uvgullas college of medicine tuition fee.