Does microneedling improve the texture of scars?

This article will let you know how microneedling improve the texture of scars.

Microneedling is a skin treatment procedure that makes the skin restore itself, leading to collagen production, which improves the texture and tone of the skin. Microneedling Los Angelescarries out the best procedure to achieve the patients' goals.

Microneedling helps reduce the acne scars or scars from an accident, and it does this by enhancing the new collagen growth in the skin, thus making the skin start healing itself.

How does micro-needling improve scar texture?

Scarring occurs when you are healing from a skin injury or acne. Micro-needling Los Angeles is the best option to set your eyes to when you are a victim of the circumstance, and it helps eliminate all the scars leaving your skin with a fine and smooth texture.

Behind the scarring

The body usually uses scars to cover itself by building up a breach that shields the skin. In case of an injury or an accident, the body should ensure no germ enters through the wounded part. Therefore, the body produces collagen- a protein that supports the structure of the skin.

The collagen response leads to the collection of tissues with strong collagen fiber at a higher speed, thus causing scars.

The use of micro-needling to fight collagen with collagen

The microneedling Los Angeles for improving scars involves using a needle directed into your skin, and the process leads to the break up of old scar tissues. The matrix of the small micro-injuries then stimulates a gentle healing response using collagen.

However, the micro-needling gives a more mild reaction that helps the body reconstruct your skin from inside out using the new collagen at a slow pace. This leads to the creation of a smooth and delicate skin texture.

The process of micro-needling

Microneedling Los Angeles procedure usually takes less than one hour per session, and it doesn't involve any freedom. However, you may require some treatments after the procedure to help your tissues restore themselves. You are always likely to see the results in one to three months after the last session.


Microneedling Los Angeles has helped many patients in improving their scars texture. It treats both scars from injury or acne. The patient is likely to come out with a fine and smooth skin texture after the micro-needling procedure. It can also eliminate the wrinkles and fine lines of aging people.