Online Admission Portal

Eduvy Is A Online Admission Portal For Students Who Want To Pursue Degree

Grades through the top of junior year
The rigor of a students curriculum relative to the curriculum offered at his/her high school
SAT or ACT scores from exams taken AND requested by October 15th
A secondary consideration is given to the subsequent factors:

Intellectual Pursuits
Creative Endeavors and Intercultural Experiences
Public Service
Co-curricular Activities
Community Involvement
Leadership and Family Commitments
Integrity and private Maturity
Early Action has an application deadline of October 15. Applying through Early Action allows students an expedited process to understand an application decision sooner- typically before December 1. this provides students admitted in EA longer to explore UGA before the commitment deadline.

There are three possible decisions released for EA applicants: a suggestion of admission, a deferral of decision, or a denial of admission.

Students who receive a deferral of decision are academically competitive for Online Admissions and are deferred in order that their application can undergo additional holistic review. We recommend that deferred students submit updated academic information.

Early Action and Regular Decision are both non-binding applications, meaning that we'll not limit an applicant from applying in any thanks to another college, and if admitted, the scholar will have until May Day to submit a commitment deposit.