NEX: An Advanced Medium to Encourage Motion Entertainment!

Undoubtedly, lesser physical fitness leads to more diseases or illnesses. Having realized the importance of physical activity, NEX- a Hong-king-based startup, has introduced motion entertainment.

Take a look around you! What do you see?

Probably your family members are sitting with a laptop on their lap and working from home or your kids streaming movies or playing games.

It is the impact the pandemic has left on us!

According to research, 3 out of 4 adults have a theory about physical fitness; however, the pandemic has left no choice but to stay at home.

COVID-19 has caused a physical activity deficit worldwide. While people are locked indoors, they have opted for entertainment options that involve streaming shows or movies, playing games, virtually connecting with friends, etc.

Undoubtedly, lesser physical fitness leads to more diseases or illnesses. Having realized the importance of physical activity, NEX- a Hong-king-based startup, has introduced
motion entertainment.

What is it?

The term motion entertainment might have intrigued you; therefore, this article will highlight all the important details you need to know. So, stay hooked!

Motion Entertainment: A Trending Method of Encouraging Physical Movement

As mentioned above, NEX encourages physical movement via its motion entertainment platform. NEX recently launched its collection of motion games named Active Arcade, enabling individuals to move more while playing.

Notably, other motion-based gaming companies need you to utilize expensive headsets, consoles, etc. However, NEX develops games that do not require you to buy additional equipment or subscriptions. In fact, the games can be played on any device that has a camera, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

The company has now announced a $25 million Series B funding round, led by Blue Pool Capital.

Are you impressed by the idea of a motion games platform? Well, who wouldnt be! Undoubtedly, the idea is an exceptional opportunity to monetize via the same while providing a fun and entertainment-based option to the audience.

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Sounds great, right?

Why Would Users Opt for Your Gaming App?

Well, thats a good question! So, heres what you need to know:

  • Entertains and Boosts Mood

As said earlier, users dont have anything much to do since the pandemic has locked everyone at their homes, which is why gaming seems like a great pass-time. However, it is suggested that if youre building a gaming app, add an element that is also beneficial to the users. For instance, fun with learning material for kids, motion games for physical activity, etc.

As per research, more and more people choose to play games as it boosts their mood. Therefore, you can use the opportunity to your advantage.

  • Improves the Brain Power

Mobile games can keep ones brain engaged, and if built with the same idea, games contribute to improving brain power. One prominent example is online chess, which is why many people like playing games that give them a boost instead of wasting time.

  • Connectivity with People

People are no longer willing to lose any opportunity to virtually connect with their friends and family. Therefore, you may integrate social media into your gaming app and allow people to interact with others.

  • Improves Dexterity

Many young kids and other people suffer from dexterity; therefore, spending time playing video games that require a lot of hand movement can be beneficial for them. Games like Angry Birds, Tug Wars, etc., are the perfect examples of games that allow hand movements.

What do you think?

  • Enhances Concentration

Some studies show that playing games can improve ones concentration. Notably, its true when it comes to games that include a lot of tasks that need to be completed to move to the next level.

In a Nutshell

NEX is a great example in front of us, which is a beautiful integration of Artificial Intelligence with mobile and vision tech. As per the CEO and the companys co-founder, it wasnt easy to build a platform that fulfils the global need for physical activity. However, we can witness its results drawn due to the hard work the company has put in.

Now, its your time to shine by building a platform that forces your users to applaud you.

So, are you all set? BECAUSE WE ARE!

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