Haylou GT1 Plus Review: The small size is the plus

Contrast this for instance and the QCY T4 of around a similar value range.

The Haylou GT1 In addition to Audit is as indicated by numerous the best remote earbuds of Haylou. These earbuds are extremely well known in China and encompassing nations. The Bluetooth headphones are just about as light as a quill at 3.9 grams per earbuds. They are incredible, however the touch controls could be better. We are not parting with more data. Just read this Haylou GT1 In addition to survey from Eardopes Haylou gt1 Plus Review.
Chapter by chapter list Haylou gt1 Plus
Specificaties Haylou GT1 In addition to Survey
Cost: between $ 30-40
Chipset: Qualcomm QCC3020
Codec: AptX, AAC
Bluetooth: 5.0
Weight: 3.9 grams!
Activity: contact controls
Reach: 10 million
Battery box: 310 mAh
Earbud battery: 35 mAh
Link: Miniature usb
Waterproof: IPX 5 (water and residue safe)
Tja, het eerste dat echt opvalt is het gewicht. We hebben niet eerder draadloze oordopjes getest met een gewicht per oordop dat ale is dan 4 gram Haylou gt1 Volume.
Sound from the Haylou GT1 In addition to
Sound quality score: 6.5
Haylou gt1 Plus Specs By and large, the standard applies: the lighter and more modest the earbuds, the less bass will emerge from the earbud. What's more, that standard holds up on a basic level with each test. Likewise in this test. The weighty tones and the mids don't come through pleasantly enough to truly appreciate music.
Obviously, the absence of genuine sound quality is additionally remembered for the value you (not) pay. When producing, an exceptionally smaller size and low weight were unmistakably picked. In any case, in this segment of the audit, we'll evaluate the sound, and we note that there truly is opportunity to get better.
Contrast this for instance and the QCY T4 of around a similar value range. The earbuds might be greater, they have buttons (no touch ), except for the sound is actually a level higher. Haylou GT1 In addition to compensates for it in different regions. The weight makes the wearing solace unmatched. Inclining further toward that later.
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Amplifier: you can settle on great decisions with the Haylou GT1 In addition to
Microfoon score: 7,5
The earbuds each have 1 amplifier. No more and no short of what we expected at the cost. However, the exhibition shocks us a piece.
The mouthpiece performs better compared to other earbuds in its value range. You are very surely known by a guest. There is a little reverberation in your voice, however we will acknowledge that. Interestingly, we are truly understandable.
Where the Haylou GS1 In addition to truly dominates is when surrounding commotion is added. Surprisingly, your discussion accomplice isn't irritated by the clamor that happens in your current circumstance. Also, that is remarkable. We are regardless an aficionado of this mouthpiece. Absolutely at this cost range.
Fit: how do the Haylou GT1 in addition to fit?
The Haylou GT1 In addition to are the littlest and lightest earbuds we've tried up until this point.
Weight 3.9 grams
Size 11,32 cm
Because of the size (or rather: the little size) of the earbuds, they scarcely at any point hinder your ear. Moreover, the earbuds doesn't incline in your ear because of the very low weight. That makes the earbuds actually quite agreeable. You scarcely notice that there are ears in your ears. A major in addition to of this Haylou GT1 In addition to.
Fit: 9
It additionally makes the headphones entirely reasonable for youngsters and individuals with more modest ears.
qcy-survey t2c-t4-t5-t6-t7-tws_600x600
Activity of the earbuds
The Haylou GT1 In addition to have (very much like the GT1 Ace and the GT1) contact control . The GT2 (which came out sooner than the GT1) have buttons.
Activity: 5
Since the earbuds are tiny, you need to put them in your ears once in a while. Particularly in the event that you just put them in. However, on the off chance that you contact the earbuds once, your music will stop. "Hello, yet I didn't need that! I simply needed to place them in my ear"
haylou-gt1-in addition to case-oordopjes-review_1024x1024
Regardless of whether you simply contact 1 earbud, your music will stop undesirable. What's more, you can't physically change the elements of the touch control. This is conceivable with, for instance, numerous QCY earbuds.
With earbuds that you just need to contact once to stop your music, we get a great deal of client inquiries at Eardopes. Frequently individuals don't comprehend that the touch control has been contacted and they feel that the earplug is breaking down.
Furthermore, it's a disgrace since contact control can be extremely valuable and utilitarian. In any case, for us it is a prerequisite that the headphones have no activity when contacted once. Think about the Eardopes B6 Genius. You can put it in your ear without limitation, without stopping your music.
Links Right
1x Music: stop/play Music: stop/play
2x Previous melody/film
Calling: record/hang up Next melody/film
Call: record/hang up
3x Voice help/Siri Voice help/Siri
1 sec. Reject approaching call Reject approaching call
4+ sec. Disable/Enable Disable/Empower
VOLUME Can't BE Changed WITH Contact
Perhaps the most well-known action utilized in activity is to change the volume. What's more, don't allow that control to sit on the Haylou GT1 In addition to.
We found a workaround. On the off chance that you press the touch multiple times, voice help will turn on. You say: "volume up" or "volume at 40%". Yet, that is impractical in each circumstance. In the event that you do that on a train, you will be accounted for to the conductor in a matter of seconds. What's more, obviously we don't need that.
Moreover, we are not generally ready to press the touch multiple times. In any event: the printing works, however we don't get Siri/voice help. So with 3 presses, the following melody was played (so the earbuds thought we had squeezed twice).
Battery: How long would you be able to utilize the earbuds?
Haylou heeft in deze oordopjes de QCC3020 chipsetbuilt-in. That is a decent financial plan chipset from Qualcomm. The chip upholds AptX and ACC. Yet, the chipset additionally influences the helpful life.
The Haylou GS1 In addition to is extremely effective with the battery. What's more, that is a direct result of that chipset. The earbuds each have a 43 mAh battery limit. Furthermore, that is (given the size) a great deal.
Battery: 7
The most battery-burning-through movement to be specific calling these bluetooth headphones can last 3.5 hours as per the client manual. Furthermore, that is colossally long.
You can pay attention to music for 5 hours with one charge. That is longer than every one of its siblings (GS1 master GS1). Just the charging instance of the GS1 In addition to (310 mAh) is more modest than the GS1 Genius (800 mAh). This implies that in absolute you can utilize the Genius form more without charging the case. Indeed, the decision is yours.
The charging box of the Haylou GT1 In addition to is significantly more modest than the (generally little) QCY T4. Furthermore, the T4 from QCY has 90 mAh more battery.
Charging instance of the Haylou GS1 In addition to
The charging instance of the Haylou GS1 In addition to has 310 mAh. That is not as much as its sibling the Haylou Gs1 master. However, the GS1 In addition to is significantly more productive with power. This is because of the Qualcomm QCC3020 chipset. The Ace variant contains a Realtek chipset and it devours somewhat more energy.
The charging instance of the Haylou GS1 In addition to can't be charged remotely. In any case, there are not really any bluetooth headphones in this value range (aside from QCY T2C) that have remote charging.
The equivalent goes for miniature usb. We think it is an outright in addition to (what's in the name?) If the charging instance of remote earbuds have USB-C rather than Miniature USB. Be that as it may, miniature usb is still extremely famous with producers. That is probably because of the expenses. Miniature USB is somewhat less expensive.
End: are the Haylou GT1 In addition to any great?
Sound 6.5
Microphone 7.5
Fit 9
Battery 7
Control 5
Stability 7
HAYLIE GT1 In addition to Versus OTHER EARBUDS
Which earbuds do you need us to look at the haylou gt1 in addition to reviewwith? Tell us in the remarks and we'll begin.