How to get Animal Crossing updates is first-hand information

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October 15, 2021, is an important day. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct demo provided us with a preview of the upcoming update of the game. This time the content also contains some detailed information about seasonal items. If the player is a loyal fan of Animal Crossing New Horizons, please pay attention to the information on the 15th.

The notice on the 15th is a major turning point. Because on this day, the updated content of Animal Crossing New Horizons will be confirmed. Players will also go to the ACBellsBuy website in time to choose Buy Animal Crossing Items to prepare for the update. Before the 15th, there will be many rumors in various forms and contents. But on the 15th, all rumors will be broken and confirmed. We also look forward to some other surprises.

The complete Nintendo Direct campaign will tell players the final version of the updated information content. And it is likely to contain some detailed information about seasonal events. Animal Crossing Direct can be broadcast from different sources. You can watch all the updated content programs normally.

If you missed the live broadcast for other reasons. Players can relive the live content through the recording function of the YouTube channel. The recording version is very friendly to players who are short of time. Players can choose Buy ACNH Items For Sale in time to experience the updated content of the version more quickly. We know that The Roost coffee shop will return after an appearance in other animal crossing games and will be an extension of the museum.

In the autumn and winter season of 2021, many people are trapped at home due to the influence of external factors. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has also become one of the most successful games in the history of Nintendo Switch. If the New Horizons data continues to rise, Animal Crossing will become the first game that leads sales in addition to Mario Kart.