How to Access Your Dish TV with Google Assistant?

Google Assistant so that you won’t need to connect to a smart speaker in order to use Google Assistant with your Dish TV.

"Okay Google, go to the next channel!" Do you want to be able to give such commands? If yes, then you have landed on the right place. Amazon Alexa is the first smart assistant that was added to Dish TV. Now, most of the Dish TV are coming with pre-installed Google Assistant so that you won't need to connect to a smart speaker in order to use Google Assistant with your Dish TV. Google Assistant button can be used for convenience.

With the help of Google Assistant, you can pause, rewind last 30 seconds, play and resume and even record the screen.

Dish TV with Google Assistant

How to Set up and Use Google Assistant with Dish TV?

1. Get close to your Dish TV console and then hit the "SYSTEM INFO" button on it.

2. On your Dish remote, press the SAT button located on the one side. After pressing the button, you will hear three sounds.

3. Just after hearing those sounds, hit the back button on the remote.

4. Now tap the Google Assistant button on the remote.

5. After that on your TV display, find and press the "Activate Your Google Assistant" option to enable the feature.

6. Next, hit the "I understand" button on the TV screen.

7. In this step, you can choose either of the options as per your choice or simply press the No thanks option.

8. On your mobile, open the Google Assistant app, if not already installed then install it. Now connect your phone to the same WiFi network that is linked to your Dish.

9. Here comes the real magic, speak out, "Okay Google, Set up my Assistant device."

10. When it finds your Dish device, then hit the Next button on your phone.

11. You will see a code on your TV and smartphone. If you see that the codes are the same, then hit the YES button.

12. After that, press the Allow option to let the Dish TV use your Google Assistant account.

13. Now select the room in which you are using your Dish TV.

14. Provide your address when asked to do so. You can skip this step as it is not compulsory, so you can tap Not Now.

15. Now hit the Allow button in order to let Google Assistant use your details to answer your questions.

16. Finally hit the Done button.

Getting Started with Google Assistant on Your Dish TV

Below are some examples of what things you can do with you Dish TV:

● Hey Google, go to ESPN channel

● Okay Google, Launch Netflix

● Hey Google, play YouTube

● Okay Google, show me Law and Order

● Tell me Today's Weather

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