There will be a coffee shop in the game instead of ACNH museum

There will be a coffee shop in the game instead of ACNH museum

Players may now see all of the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons Brewster update content before it appears at the museum coffee shop. To learn more about how the character and his coffee will appear in future Animal Crossing games, check out the Animal Crossing Direct from today.

New Horizons' protagonist Brewster will be on the market in 2021, when the film New Horizons comes out. Today's Animal Crossing Direct update announced the release date for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. After a lengthy hiatus owing to the release of The Last of Us: New Leaf, Brewster makes his triumphant return to ACNH. To the pleasure of fans, the coffee-brewing owl is making a triumphant comeback, and Nintendo has revealed some new details about him.

Go to the back of the New Horizons exhibit to find Brewster, who is hidden there. Continue up the stairway to the second floor. Until he gets his own caf, Brewster will have to make do as a museum resident. The 2.0 update may disappoint some players due to the return of Kapp'n, the inclusion of new recipes, and the removal of temporary ladders that were originally part of Brewster's island design. The new edition replaces the old one with a slew of additional features designed to keep players engaged.

Long-time ACNH users will be happy to hear that new versions of the software include some long-requested improvements. Finally, the Happy Home Paradise add-on was made available for free.

We called Metroid Dread's return a "wonderful reappearance" in our review. The new OLED display on the Nintendo Switch, which is a vast upgrade over the previous model, was also shown off as an added bonus. About 20 minutes of discussion will be devoted to the November game update. There will be a coffee shop in the game instead of the ACNH museum update, and fan favorite Brewster will return. If it's any help, Brewster was born on October 15th, as per canon, if you're interested.

It's simple to understand the excitement of the Animal Crossing community. Brewster, the Roost caf manager, rose to fame in the Animal Crossing community after his appearance in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Animal Crossing: New Leaf gave The Roost its own building, however it can still be found next to Blathers' museum. These patterns are quite likely to continue. We'll have all the details you need once the show airs next week.