Understanding the Cost of a Web App

There are tons of reasonable reasons to consider building a web app instead of an off-the-shelf application or hiring additional staff, but just how much does it cost to build one from scratch?

If youre interested in building your own web app, you probably have some ideas about how much it will cost to make one. After all, the ability to build apps using technology you already knowHTML5, CSS3, JavaScriptseems like it should drastically reduce the cost of developing an app compared to if you had to hire someone else to do it for you, right? As it turns out, thats only part of the story.

Factors affecting cost of a web app

Most successful web applications are more than just basic software solutions. They involve some sort of content delivery system, such as video or audio, and may even involve complex transaction support. Adding these things to your web application will definitely affect how much it costs to develop. The ability to manage features like these is also what sets professional software developers apart from novices who can often create impressive-looking apps for less money.

Let's discuss the various factors affecting the cost of a web app.

#1. Scope of Work

The scope of work is what your goals and requirements are for your project. Its important to lay out these goals and requirements in order to figure out how long it will take to develop. You should also note any special considerations or exceptions that you want taken into account when developing your application. As such, its important to determine exactly what you want done before deciding on costs.

#2. Сomplexity of UI/UX Design

It takes time and energy to create a top-notch user interface and user experience (UI/UX) design. The complexities vary depending on what type of business youre starting and your industry, but every UI/UX design is time-consuming and expensive. At its most basic level, creating an exceptional UI/UX requires insight into how customers will interact with your productand that requires research from top web design companies in India.

#3. Hiring Options: In-House Team v/s Outsourcing Company

When choosing to work with an outsourcing web app development company in India, there are certain questions you need to ask. Are they located in my area? Can I reach them easily? How long have they been in business? What kind of reviews do they have online? Are they up-to-date on technology and security standards? Even if you choose to go with an outsourcing team, its important that your app is delivered by developers who are dedicated to providing quality support and service.

#4. Total Time Required for Project Completion

The longer your project takes, all other things being equal, generally increases your cost. If you have an app idea in mind that requires several programmers or artists to complete, factor in how much it will cost to have them spend time on your project. The more features you add to an app idea , for example, increases not only development costs but also operational costs once it is launched. Each feature adds complexity and possibility for bugs.

#5. Developers Location

Software engineers in India can charge up to 80% less than their counterparts in North America or Europe. If youre going to try outsourcing your programming, look for developers in Eastern Europe and Asia. Check out our post on finding cheap web hosting for more information on how much various countries will cost you.

General Formula for Calculating the Web App Development Cost

Here is what you need to know about calculating web app development cost: *The apps functionality and scope can affect its cost; if your business needs an e-commerce app, for example, it will likely be more expensive than a simple informational app. *Paying extra for design and development helps ensure that your web application is functional and attractivewhich is why some businesses find that they cant afford even basic functionality without paying premium rates.


By now, you have a better understanding of what makes up the cost for a web app. There are other factors to consider that may affect your final cost, such as scalability and hosting service quality. The important thing is that you gain a general understanding, which will help you negotiate with your developer.

The least development cost is noticeable in countries including India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc. For example, a simple web app in India Indonesia varies between $10,000 to $25,000, while that of a mid-level complex app costs between $25,000 to $50,000. A highly complex web app development project will cost you above $50,000 in these nations.