A taste of the 50-year history of physical dolls in one article!

A taste of the 50-year history of physical dolls in one article! Every revision is the crystallization of new technology

The times have been advancing. Think about it 50 years ago, we couldn't even imagine a mobile phone! There are so many things that can happen in 50 years, includingfemale sex dollthat have amazing changes. In this article, lets take a look at the evolution of physical dolls in the past 50 years!

At that time, the love doll mainly targeted the disabled and the elderly living alone. These people lack a partner, and even if they spend money, they often return without success, or they are considered by ordinary people to have physical defects and have any pursuits, so they have to switch to buying real dolls in the shop.

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However, the design of the dolls at that time was quite poor. In addition to being too large and not easy to handle, because the inflatable product fell over when touched, it was impossible to stand. At that time, the doll manufacturer felt this. Although this 1977mini sex dolllooked ugly with modern eyes, it improved all the above shortcomings. At that time, the price of dolls was about US$50 to US$150, while more advanced ones cost US$300.

Then in 1982, the new type of dolls limbs were detachable. The skeleton was made of foamed polyurethane, and the skin was made of soft rubber and latex. The "4-layer structure" showed human skin and underlying blood vessels. The subtle texture of the muscles was also a great leap forward at that time.

In 1987, the opening angle at that time could only reach 90 degrees, which was a trade-off that had to be made for the strength of the doll. The leg opening angle of the improved doll has been greatly increased, and many joints have been made into movable styles. So far, you can see how slender and delicate the physical doll is, and the price at this time is already an astonishing $1,000.

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In 1992, when the price ofTPE sex dollsreached the US$2,000 era, there was no longer a parting line due to the manufacturing process on the body, and the skin surface was less likely to be damaged.

Later, because the latex material used for the skin was too difficult to maintain, it was not only easy to stick to dust, but also easy to deteriorate and embrittle. Manufacturers switched to soft rubber as the material, and the style of the doll was completely different from before. Careful attention will find that the price of dolls begins to decrease, because the manufacturing cost of soft rubber is much lower than latex. These new material dolls have once again made the doll manufacturers a great success. It is reported that the sales volume is 5-6 times that of the previous dolls.

In order to expand the market, baby factories including Shu Ruibao began to make ACG and JK-style dolls, which are not so much physical dolls as they are now for uniform control, animation fans and other large collections.

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In 2001, leapfrog development came again! This time, the manufacturers changed the materials used again, from soft rubber to silica gel as we know it now. Since the entire process had to be restarted, this attempt took 2 years of research and development in the industry. Due to the high production cost, the price jumped to 4,000 US dollars in one breath. This price is still slightly higher than the currentsilicone sex dolls.

From this time on, the new dolls are almost all similar in appearance. Although there are also improvements in the framework and technology, for the average consumer, the difference in appearance is relatively small.

Finally, of course it is time for "modern silicone dolls"! This time is already amazing enough. It is impossible to say that the current silicone dolls are "like real people", after all, real people would not have such a figure and delicate skin. Rather, these dolls that successfully crossed the "Uncooked Valley" perfectly presented the beauty that originally only existed in fantasy.