The New World Engineering Wiki And Complete Guide

In order to begin your journey with Engineering you'll need to find the resources needed to create.

The Engineering Trade Skill in New World allows players to craft guns, bows and muskets and arrows, mining picks harvesting sickles, log knifes, skinning axes, fishing poles, as well as a few other quality of life objects.

In order to begin your journey with Engineering you'll need to find the resources needed to create. Once the necessary resources have been obtained you will be using an Workshop (Arrow/Musket image on map) to make anything Engineering. A tier one Camp Fire works for Flint Tools, but nothing else is needed for Engineering. Step up to the Workshop and hit your usual interact button, "E", to open the crafting window.

If you're at a crafting station and have the tools, you'll need to open the crafting menu and choose what you wish to craft. After selecting the item you want to craft, you'll have to click on the blue CRAFT button and create the item. If you'd like to create more than one you can move the slider to the right and choose the number you want to make in bulk.

The majority of the time, when you make something in the Workshop you are awarded with engineering knowledge. The amount of experience for crafting items can be seen beneath the blue CRAFT option in the crafting screen. The exception is the Flint tools, which can be seen above. The engineering levels are 200.

When creating an item of with a Tier 2 or higher level, the first item in the craft should be in the same level as the item you're making. For example this Starmetal Mining Pick (seen below) is the Tier 4 Mining Pick therefore it requires a level 4 Metal Ingot for its creation as your primary substance (Starmetal Ingot, Blessed Crucible as well as Azurite Chunk). Secondary materials aren't bound to the tier requirement which means you can use lesser or greater material in crafting. (See our Crafting and Yield Chances guide for more information on how it affects Gear Score)

Leveling Engineer

The information in this section is my Mala Zedik think is a means to improve your Engineering trade skill. You are in no way restricted to this method. I would expect you to deviate from it based on materials availability, refining proc chances, and market price values. I will go over all the arguments for each section, so that you may make informed choices about the best option for you.

I do not look at the proc probabilities of refining because it's not the only way of getting the materials to craft and the probability of success is contingent on the level of resources and level. Some players may want to purchase gold in order to purchase certain materials at the trading stations!

If you are in need for tools , make sure to create them over the suggestions I'm about to talk about as they will yield greater gold to you. My primary objective in the leveling process is to find the most efficient method of advancing Engineering.

Levels 1 - 50 (Tier 2 Crafting)

You'll need 11125 hours of experience before you can reach the level 50. Tier 2 . crafting to Engineering follows this formula for the amount of experience needed: [Number Of materials *12 Experience = Experience output].

Let's look at Gunpowder for an example. This item requires eight ingredients for its creation: 5 Charcoal and 2 Flint, as well as 1 saltpeter. If multiplied by the Tier Experience value of 12, it will provide us with a total of an experience of 96 to make it.

My suggestion for increasing the tier would be to craft 116 Gunpowder for a total of 11,136 experiences. Since this craft rewards you with x5 per craft you could end up with 580 Gunpowder after crafting. Gunpowder takes 5x Charcoal 2, 2x Flint and 1x Saltpeter to craft.

Gunpowder's base tax value is 0.05. Without tax modifiers, you'll have to pay 5.80 crowns/gold in order to craft the charcoal. You will also require 5.80 crowns/gold in order to refine the charcoal.

Here are the reasons I have for using Gunpowder charcoal; it is simple to find by cutting down trees and smelting it. Flint is easily found along the shoreline or beach. Saltpeter is easy to obtain in the beginning area of Windsward within the Torrentdawn Cave. Saves a lot of money as well since the Flint/Saltpeter are raw materials , saving you money on refining expenses and the Gunpowder is the cheapest item to create for this tier.

Levels 51 - 100 (Tier 3 Crafting)

It will take you an total of 97.375 experience to reach level 100, which is only an additional of 86,239 experience when following the instructions. The crafting in Tier 3 for Engineering is based on this formula for materials: [Number of Materials * 30 Experience = Experience OutputExperience Output.

My suggestion for leveling up this next tier is to build 160 Aged Wood Fishing Pole for a total of 86,400 experience. It requires 13x Tier 3 Fined Wood 3x leathers, 2x Cloths.

In the new weight system in New World, you will need to divide your activities. It's not impossible to complete everything at once in the event that the materials are refined, but if already have the entire raw materials there won't be enough carry weight to hold the whole thing. It's something to bear in mind when gathering all the supplies and then preparing the work.

Aged wood fishing pole's primary tax rate is 0.75. Without tax modifiers, it will cost 120 crowns/gold for the process of making them. In addition, you'll need 104.9 crowns/gold in order to refine all of the materials.

If you intend to salvage all of it, cut down the main material by 15 percent. This is the Lumber. 15% less would mean you'll need 1,768 (312 less) over the previous 2,080. Be aware that Salvaging pays back the use of a variety of materials. This means that you could get more occasionally, and at other times, receive less, making these values much more of an estimate rather than precise figures.

Tips: Don't make ammo for the purpose of experience unless would like to use it. Overall it will require you to find more raw materials due to the amount of refined materials required to create ammo. This is even more so at the upper levels as you'll need the refined materials of the similar tier to manufacture the ammo.

Here are the reasons I have for the Aged Wood Fishing Pole; Lumber can be sourced from cutting down trees , and refining them, the most difficult part is the sandpaper that is required to be taken from the containers, however it is necessary to refine the material no matter which path you choose to take. The alternative would be to use Steel Flux and Ingots but their value is higher. The leathers are used in other craft activities, therefore they are required to be collected one way or another. The fiber for linen would be the hardest thing to acquire, however it's difficult to collect if you look for the vibrant pink flowers. Below is the pathway I am most fond of using to gather herbs and fiber simultaneously. I make the Hyssop into potions that are weak at the end of the path by lighting a campfire (I drop the potions on the ground too for bag space). You can also death-teleport back to town by drowning the river once you have your bag full.

Level 100 - 150 (Tier 4 Crafting)

It will require 514,325 experiences for level 150, that's only 416,789 of experience if you're following this guide. Tier 4 crafting for Engineering is based on this formula for experiences: [Number of Materials * 75 Experience = Experience Output. Except Starmetal Arrows. There is a reason why they are 36XP per Material.

This will be similar to Tier 3 crafting, as we'll be making the Wyrdwood Fishing Pole that requires 14x Tier 4 Refined wood 3x Leather, 2x Cloth for each craft. You will need to craft 293 Wyrdwood Fishing Poles, for a total of 417,525 experience.

Level 150 - 200 (Tier 5 Crafting)

You'll require 1881,425 of experience before you can reach the level 200 level, which is only an additional 1,366,364 hours of experience if following the instructions. Level 5 crafting for Engineering uses this formula to calculate experience: [Number of Materials * 155 Experience = Experience]

This is going to be very similar to the Tier 3/4 crafting as we will want to craft Ironwood Fishing Poles. Ironwood Fishing Pole which requires 15x Tier 5 Refined wood, 3x Leather, and 2x Cloth per craft. It is necessary to make the 441 Ironwood Fishing Poles for a total of 1,367.100 experience.

Enhancing Your Engineering

Bonuses and buffs are the two primary ways to increase your Engineering. Both can be stacked these, however, like every good thing, there are limits.

Perks are only available to an kind of item and are allowed to have one type of perk available on the item. For instance an amulet cannot have Engineer Expertise since it's an Armor Perk. There are always exceptions for the rule. Sometimes an item from a quest can provide a named item that comes with a double benefit but there isn't a single one for Engineering we are aware of as of now.

There exists an Engineering armor set that is perfect for players looking to boost the score of their gear value of their crafts. You will see armor drops in this set starting at level 59+ monsters. The set only exists in the tiers 4 and 5 However, there is no different in mechanical terms however, they are different visually.