Do Purchase Three Kinds of Onions from Online Suppliers

You can find fresh red onions purchased from onion suppliers are sweeter on taste as they contain some sugar content.

If you enjoy cooking, you will agree with the fact that onion is one ingredient which can change the taste of any dish. Moreover, it is a flavor staple of not only home chefs but professional chefs also as this is a versatile ingredient which is easy to add in vegetarian and meat dishes both for getting taste and flavor. Though you will find Onion suppliers deal with different varieties, not all are necessary to buy. Simply keep a stock of three or four varieties and understand their real uses in different dishes.

Yellow Onions: Always stock your kitchen with yellow onions as they are versatile and offer a great flavor to a dish when caramelized properly. Usually, this kind of onion is saut with garlic in many dishes and act as their bases. You can even grill and roast this variety and use in sandwiches. If you find soup enticing, then do give a try to French onion soup by adding few slices of yellow onions. While using this onion, you only have to remember one fact that it overpowers the senses when eaten raw. Therefore, do not use them as topping on any sandwich or burger.

Red Onions: As the name indicates, both the flesh and the exterior part of the skin of red onions are in deep magenta color. Amongst all onions, fresh red onions purchased from onion suppliers are sweeter on taste as they contain some sugar content. This is the main reason that these onions make a great addition to tacos, potato salads, pizza, sandwiches, etc. Even you can cook and grill them as per your requirements. Moreover, their sweet taste even makes them ideal to add in salads and eat in a raw form.

White Onions: These kinds of onions have papery white skin. Moreover, they are milder and sweeter in flavor than yellow onions. You can try eating them in a raw form by using them in salad or burger topping. If you want to experience their real flavor, do not forget to add them in cauliflower fried rice.

So, look for a reputed and online onion supplier today and place your order for different kinds of onions.