List Of Super Bowl MVP Winners 2021

Each year at the end of the Super Bowl, there is an award given to the Most Valuable Player, abbreviated as M.V.P., and this year wasn't different.

Tom Brady did it again, as this was not his first Super Bowl M.V.P. award, but fourth. Tom is not the only one as there are five moreSuper Bowl M.V.P. winnersthat have won more than once, which we shall look at later on.

Someone might be wondering who decides who will become the next M.V.P.? It's not one personal decision, but 20% of fans must vote during the game, and 80% consists of a panel of 16 football writers from the United States and broadcasters.

Since the list ofSuper Bowl M.V.P. winnersis super-long starting from 1967, the year that Bart Starr won the first M.V.P., we shall look at those champs who won more than once, below:

  • Bart Starr (2)
  • Terry Bradshaw (2)
  • Eli Manning (2)
  • Joe Montana (3)
  • Tom Brady (4)

Bart Starr

The Green Bay Packers Icon Bart Starr led his team to victories and was the1st Q.B. that got the M.V.P. in 1967 and won another in 1968. However, he was not successful as the team's head coach, as he compiled 52763 (. 408) records starting from 1975 to 1983. The legendary died at 85 years old.

Terry Bradshaw

Bradshaw played for Pittsburgh for 14 seasons and won four (1974, 1975, 1978, and 1979) Super Bowl titles. And this happened in six years. He also led the Steelers to eight A.F.C. Central championships.

Joe Montana

After starting with the 49ers, he won four Super Bowls and became the first to have the Super Bowl M.V.P. title three times. "Joe Cool" also holds records of having most passes without interceptions.

Eli Manning

Manning had a long and one of the most successful work periods with New York. It was huge leading the Giants to two Super Bowl titles, especially when playing against a legendary QB Tom Brady. He's gotawarded for Super Bowl XLII, XLIII, and XLIV.Eli also ranks among the top 10 N.F.L. history of players for passing yards, touchdowns, and completions.

Tom Brady

And talking of Tom Brady, he is the G.O.A.T. He shines the otherSuper Bowl M.V.P. winnerswith five awards. That's right. Tom claims six rings in his career, and it was during four of those times, he got named the Super Bowl M.V.P.

So far, ten players have won the Super Bowl and M.V.P. in the same season, outshining the others.

  1. Bart Starr (1966)
  2. Terry Bradshaw (1978)
  3. Mark Moseley (1982)
  4. Lawrence Taylor1(986)
  5. Joe Montana (1989)
  6. Emmitt Smith (1993)
  7. Steve Young (1994)
  8. Brett Favre (1996)
  9. Terrell Davis (1998)
  10. Kurt Warner (1999)

In Conclusion, as Tom Brady has broken the record by winning five Super Bowl M.V.P.s, who can beat that? We're all curious to see who will join the Super Bowl M.V.P. winnersin 2022. Your guess is as good as mine.