What are the things you need to sanitize to prevent the spread of the virus

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Have you ever thought that a home is a place where you share everything with the family members and the walls, floor, rooms, and even the atmosphere? Your children play on the floors and you read while sitting on the carpet of your study. Have you ever thought about what toll it can cause to your health if the floors, carpets, or the rest of your home are not disinfected properly?

This is a whole debate about the difference between id sanitization and disinfection. Lets just first shed light on both of these terms.


This is a process of washing, cleaning, or removing dirt, and eliminates dust, debris, and germs on the surface.


This is a method of destroying pathogenic microorganisms and removing most organisms present on the surface to not pass on infections.

Well, sanitization cleaning services in Albanybelieve that you must have given thought to it. True, todays environment has become the most reliable anything and we cannot call anything completely cleaned and healthy for ourselves. But, at least, we all deserve to feel safe at our homes.

Bearing this in mind, we have explored every effective procedure to provide you with the hygiene you deserve. Oursanitization cleaning services in Albanyand other cities are already famous for their good effects on peoples health and mood.

Here are some important surfaces you need to sanitize before using or after the usage.

  • Tables:

As tables are made of solid material, it can be marble, wood, tile, or anything that can hold the weight for the longest time. These surfaces are likely able to carry a lot of germs, including viruses. So keep them clean and disinfected regularly. You can sanitize your table on a small scale just put some disinfectant liquid on a clean cloth and wipe the table and you are good to go.

  • Doorknobs:

Doorknobs are the things in your place that everyone touches, and you can never keep track of who comes in and who comes out, so it is better to keep them sanitized after a number of uses. For example, you can appoint someone to sanitize the doorknobs after each or two uses in the office, saving many peoples lives.

  • Keyboards

When we talk about the surfaces that carry viruses at the workplace or the home keyboard, it has direct access to the fingers and direct access means you care absorbing the virus if it is there at the keyboard, so dont neglect these small areas. Disinfect all of the keyboards you have at your place and have safe typing.

  • Toilets

Apart from viruses toilets are the places that carry most of the bacteria and germs, so it should be definitely on your hit list to disinfect. Have you ever heard that cleaning the toilet with water is not just enough? This is because toilets have been used for nature calls, and they carry most of the germs and bacteria from your body, now calculate how many people are using the toilet in one hour and every each of them id having its own germs so toilets will be full of germs and bacteria and are the harmful place to go in, so business owners should take notice on this and disinfect their toilets after each use.

  • Light switches

Switchboards are another surfaces that everyone touches on the floor or office or in the house. They need to be sanitized but not barely. You need professionalsanitization cleaning services in Albanyto deal with all the other surfaces like a switchboard to sanitize because fire and electric shocks are very high-risk factors. The professionals know how to sanitize them without any misconduct

  • Countertops

Countertops, whether in your kitchen or at the office, carry most of the germs and viruses because they are capable of placing everything on them and you never know what thing carries what germs and viruses. So it is important to keep the sanitized as well.

  • Desks Phones

The desk phone is the one which is the regular prop used in offices and other workplaces, you need to keep them sanitized because they are a very important part of your office and have direct access to your hand face and ears, the areas of the body which are highly absorbent to viruses and germs. So keep them sanitized to prevent the spread of the virus.

  • ATM machines

An ATM machine is another area that needs more attention for sanitization and disinfection. As many people use them, it is good to keep them clean and sanitized, even the doorknobs of the ATM room should also be disinfected by the best solution Martinez cleaning is providing to sanitize every surface and area.

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