Consume The Superfood, The Figs: Buy Them From Fig Supplier

So if you are struggling to buy fresh figs, consider buying it from trusted Fig Suppliers online.

Figs not just tastes great, but also have a list of health benefits which are muchunderrated. They have natural sugars in themwhich isneeded by our body in appropriate amounts. Theare rich in soluble fibreand have lots of important minerals in them which includes calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, and iron.The antioxidants like the vitamins A and K, both are found in figs which contribute a lot to our overall health and wellness. Pertaining to the nutritional value of fig, it hasvery aptly earned the title of being a superfood. The figs are not always readily available in the physical marketplace. So if you are struggling to buy fresh figs, consider buying it from trusted Fig Suppliers online.

How Can You Select Fresh Figs

Fresh figs have a brief shelf life.Ripen figs picked up from trees are the best one to buy because figs once picked do not ripe well any more. The best time to harvest for fresh figs is between mid of June to mid of October. Fresh figs tend to spoil within seven to ten days once they are harvested. So if youbuy fresh figs from online Fig Supplier, consume it within two to three days of it reaching your doorstep.

Tips Of Storing Fresh Figs

To keep the figs fresh after buying them from online Fig Supplier ,you must keep the figs in cold area as this will slow down the deterioration process. It is best to consume them immediately and if that is not possible then store them in a plastic bag and keep it inside yourrefrigerator. In this way it can be stored upto two to three days.

Canned, Frozen, Dried Figs

You can also buy canned figs which are found as whole or sliced, or even peeled and kept in a sealed container which can last upto ten to twelve months. Once the canned figs are opened, store leftovers if any in a covered container in your refrigerator and this can last up to a week.

Prior to the consumption of frozen figs, defrost it with some extra care because they super delicate fruits.

The dried figs in their original sealed package kept at room temperature, lasts for a month. If you wish to store them for a longer period, keep them in yourrefrigerator, where it will not spoil for a period upto six months to even a year. But keep the dried figs in refrigerator by opening them from their package andtransferring them to a sealable plastic bag.

Since fresh figs are hard to find, canned, dried and frozen figs are a popular alternative.