Why food packaging boxes are important in Food Industry?

We do deal with various kinds of add-ons according to the requirements of our customers. But generally, there are four basic categories of add-ons we usually prefer

We don't think there is any other fast-food item that has gained the global popularity status that burger has been able to secure. In one form or another, everyone has a favorite burger of their own. We understand the urge you might be dealing with that pushes it to step into the burger industry. But without solid-looking burger boxes in your hand, don't even think about it.

What kind of Boxes do we manufacture?

To be very honest, for us, the sky is the limit. The expert designers we have got at BoxesMe are loaded with imaginative juices of the unbelievable kind. These guys have the total capacity of manufacturing custom burger boxes that even you haven't heard about yet. Don't worry, and we don't focus on customization alone. After analyzing hundreds of custom cupcake boxes, we have also designed and cataloged some templates that you can choose from on the go. We can surely make all such designs getting adapted to your brand model.

Some of our all-time popular designs!

Clamshell box if you are a resident of NYC, you know exactly what a high tower burger is. The sheer size of this burger screams why you need specially designed burger boxes for it. At BoxesMe, we manufacture these unique burger packaging boxes with multiple building materials.
  • Mailer boxes:
This box will be more than perfect for you if you are thinking about going with a stall. This box has enough space for your chefs to show their talents in making the ideal street burger possible. Plus, the packaging for a burger we manufacture is super corrugated.
  • Gable boxes:
Have you ever had McDonald's? What kind of question is that? According to reports, the McDonalds burger is one of the most widely sold fast food items throughout the globe. The handle burger box you get at McDonalds is what is classified as the gable box. Yes, we have expertise in manufacturing it as well.
  • Tuck-end box:
Last but not least, the ultimate takeaway burger box is finally here. The tuck-end burger packaging box is a box that we all frequently use while ordering a takeaway. At BoxesMe, we definitely can customize the tuck-end package just the way your brand dynamics demand.

Manufacturing Material:

BoxesMe is known, for one thing, innovation. We believe that the only thing needed for you to stay on top of your retail business is innovation. Innovate how your brand works, add exciting details to the customburger boxes, go crazy with marketing-related stuff, etc. To do the innovative part due on our side, BoxesMe offers a wide range of box manufacturing materials for you to select from. Our most popular raw materials for manufacturing boxes are corrugated, eco-friendly kraft, rigid, and card stock. All of our natural products constitute are of the purest quality.

Add-ons you haven't seen before:

What's the one way to add some impressive and eye-catching details to an average-looking burger packaging box? Well, of course, adding brand logos and related will enhance the look of the box. But still, nothing can replicate the impact of add-ons on your packaging. We do deal with various kinds of add-ons according to the requirements of our customers. But generally, there are four basic categories of add-ons we usually prefer. The foiling, embossing, and debossing for attaining a glossy yet super protective layer for the box and the spot UV treatment for more enhanced protection dynamics.

Do we do coatings?

Of course, we do, guys! It's BoxesMe you are talking about. According to our experts, the mere shine generated by the coating over your box is enough to uplift the overall appearance of your burger brand. Nobody likes light and soggy-looking pink donut boxes holding their favorite burgers inside. Like other customization options, we offer coatings of all sorts depending upon the consumer's demand. Generally, our customers even prefer varnish, gloss, matte, and soft touches. Have some specific ideas in your mind regarding the coat of packaging for the burger of your choice? Contact us today to discuss the ideas with our designers.

Get Customized Burger Boxes today!

Ready to place the order for the perfect custom burger boxes? That's great, and we are eager to contact you further and know exactly what you have in your mind regarding the burger packaging boxes. Considering the amount of workload, we are facing these days, Boxesme is only taking bulk orders. You can even ask us to ship our goods internationally. We are currently offering a free of cost shipping across the US and the UK. However, you can avail yourself of an affordable delivery rate for our international shipments if you order today. Do not worry, and we make sure that all of our products within consignments are identical.