Why Web Developers Should Consider Technical SEO For Their Projects?

Factors that weigh in on why considering technical SEO is crucial for your web development projects and why web developers should implement it.

If you want to bridge any gap between your business and potential clients online then SEO works as an adhesive. From spreading brand awareness, improving website ranking to directing clients to the website- SEO does it all.

Why do web developers learn about SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or commonly known as SEO is an important ingredient that spices up your websites and increases your visibility to your audience. They are essential for a website but not responsible for running the website. There are several parts of SEO that need to be considered and looked into in detail before being implemented.

  • 1. It helps in cataloging and scanning all the contents in the website and displaying them in such a way that it looks the best.
  • 2. It is also an important task to enhance your positions in the search engine, lead more traffic to your website, and boost up your conversion rate. But without knowing technical SEO with an advanced skill set, makes the task impossible for search engines to top the unoptimized websites which only leads to lower conversion rates, higher bounce rates, reduces traffic, and thus put lowers the standard of your website.
  • 3. It enhances the website rankings which locks more visitors.
  • 4. Improves the user experience, navigation, browsing experience, readability, and usability of the website.
  • 5. It leads to higher conversion rates thus increasing your return on investment(ROI) in the future.
  • 6. It boosts the speed, security, and functionality of your website.

The points to consider why knowing and implementing technical SEO during web design and development is important can be stated as follows-

  • Structured Data Flow

Structured data or commonly known as the Rich Results is an extra way to supply all the details and information that your user and audience need. They are the additional elements aside from the regular blue link, title, and description that usually appears in the SERP for the users ease of use. As web developers, marketers, and SEO Experts you just need to outflow enough information and details about the content to the search engines like Google so that they can create promotional contents piece by piece to increase the SEO rather than doing it individually. Implementing structured data helps in displaying important content like images, videos, event listings, starred views, and much more in the SERP rather than the regular elements. You can implement schema markup for optimized output.

  • Application of Title Tags

The application title tag is necessary for any website development because it is the foremost content that is displayed to the users on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for any particular search or query. An optimized title tag will help your web page to get the maximum attention. A title tag is an HTML element that should be relevant, concise, catchy, and as per the contents of our website.

  • Implementing Meta Description

Meta Description is also an important part of any website building project and just title tag, is also an HTML element. Meta Description portrays a quick summary of the contents of your website that will encourage the user to visit your page based on your queries. It is always displayed on the SERPs which enhances the click-through rates, drives more traffic, and therefore increases the visibility of your website. It is recommended that your meta description should not be more than 150- 150 characters and should be relevant to your website. SEO services always implement this along with a title tag for optimized results.

  • Optimizing the Websites Architecture

An optimized website architecture is the key that will only make it easier for the search engines for crawlers to search and index all the websites contents thus improving the users experience and websites credibility at the moment. Establishing an optimized website architecture includes a detailed navigation procedure of how your website functions, aligning and interlinking all the contents of your web page and thus dictating a seamless flow of content with optimized visibility and easy accessibility.

  • Robots Tags for Accessibility

The robot tags allow and even disallow the crawling of website contents or any specific areas of the web page. It is a very critical part of SEO that web developers, SEO experts, and marketers should be fully aware of as they might hurt your rankings by mixing up your pages or lead to secure data breaches from your website when indexed. The robots.txt tag is implemented usually in the head of an HTML file which dictates the search engines how to go about indexing and linking the web pages on a page to page specifics. They are an added measure to influence the website indexing on a macro level by the web developers.

  • Mobile-First Indexing

Googles mobile-first indexing is one of the crucial aspects of this digital era where mobile-friendly websites and mobile speed became one of the intangible elements of every web-building project. Google has predominantly started ranking websites based on the mobile page loading speed and how much it is accessible through a mobile device. Google Search Console is also an edgy platform where you can check all the mobile-related errors of your website and correct them to maintain your rankings.

  • Appropriate Backlinks

Linking is one of the most influential factors of SEO best practices that are always considered by web developers in the website-building process. The backlinks and internal links on the website pave the way for a smoother browsing experience and seamless user navigation experience. It also helps in understanding the hierarchy of the website contents. If the website is not linked, it creates a hindrance for the Google bots to crawl, index, and organize your web page in the SERPs.

  • Optimized URLs

A Uniform Resource Locator or commonly known as the URL is also important for SEO to improve the user experience. It tends to the exact location of your website and pages ideally on the internet which acts as a web address for your web page. It helps the user to identify with your content easily of any respective web page. URLs should be crisp, relevant, and easily recognizable. Web development services should focus on this to enhance the visibility of your website. Some of the other important aspects of URLs are redirects, URL canonicalization, etc.

  • Responsive Website

Responsive web design compliments your SEO and therefore is also the best choice to lock better rankings on the Google SERPs. Even Google recommends it because it enhances the performance displayed in the search engine results and therefore offers an improved user experience. With faster loading speed in the responsive websites, nurtures sharing and linking the contents of your website easily with just a single URL. SEO experts and all web development services in India will prefer a responsive web design to have one URL like HTML so that Google bots can crawl, index, organize and link your contents quickly, effectively, and efficiently by just a single URL.

  • Page Loading Speed

Google ranks the website according to the time taken to load your web pages. The maximum time you can spare to load a [particular page cannot be more than 3 seconds or the users might leave your page even before it is loaded. Page loading speed is essential because it proves you have healthy and powerful servers that can access more content at a time and over multiple connections too. Some of the important factors that any SEO services or web developers should weigh-in is that poor usability, poor user navigation experience can lead to higher bounce rates and might lower your websites ranks in the Google SERPs. The loading speed of your web pages also determines how the Google bots treat your website when they are implementing crawling.


After going through each and every point on why your web developers should factor in technical SEO for your website-building project, it is you who need to make that decision as a client and consider the important factors that will help you improve your brand and business website and enhance your rankings and thus make you shine in this competitive market.