Quartz Watch Principle

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The so-called quartz watch is a watch that replaces the balance wheel in the mechanical watch with a quartz vibrator and uses its correct high-speed swing to time.

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A timed appliance. Everyone is familiar with the clock. It is a kind of timepiece that gives us time to tell us. We use it every day. In daily life, the clock is accurate to 1 second, which is enough. But in many fields of scientific research or engineering technology, the requirements for the hour are much higher. Quartz clocks are created according to this need. Its main component is a very stable quartz oscillator. The oscillation frequency generated by the quartz oscillator is taken out. Let it drive the clock to indicate the time. This is the quartz clock. At present, the best quartz clock, the daily timing can be as high as one hundred thousandth of a second. That is, after almost 270 years, it is only 1 second. But today, scientifically developed, this quartz clock has been replaced by other types of clocks that are much more precise than it.

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Principles quartz clocks

The core of the quartz crystal sensor is the sensing elementpiezoelectric quartz wafer. Its working principle is piezoelectric effect. That is, the quartz crystal will generate electric dipole after being mechanically stressed in some directions. On the contrary, if it is in a certain direction of quartz. When a voltage is applied, deformation occurs in a specific direction, which is called an inverse piezoelectric effect. If an alternating electric field is applied to the quartz crystal, the crystal lattice will generate mechanical vibration. When the frequency of the applied electric field coincides with the natural oscillation frequency of the crystal, the resonance of the crystal occurs. Since the intensity of the electric field generated by the quartz crystal under pressure is small, deformation is only required by a weak applied electric field, which makes the piezoelectric quartz crystal easily resonate under the application of an alternating electric field excitation. Its oscillating energy loss is small, and the oscillation frequency is extremely stable. Together with the excellent mechanical, electrical and chemical stability of quartz, it has become a digital clock related to quartz clocks, electronic watches, telephones, televisions, computers, etc. since the 1940s. Frequency reference component.

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