Everything You Need to Know about Kick Shield

kick shield is used for preventing you from the kicks of your opponent. By holding it properly you can apply many techniques for resisting kicks and dominating your opponent.

We know that accessories add on to the beauty of things; the same is the case with the accessories used in boxing. These accessories enhance the results of boxing making it result better and more productive. In this content, we will talk about kick shields, which are major boxing equipment.

Martial arts have been famous since the time they were invented. However, to practice them safely, all sorts of protective kits are used. One such safety gear is kick shields. They are tools that are used in martial arts practices.

They are very helpful in improving your kickboxing and striking skills. Meanwhile, kick pads are helpful for trainees in a way that they defend them from getting injured. Thus you ought to be careful in choosing the equipment. So AQF Sportsis your go-to place to have safe protective shields and pads. You will find the products to be affordable and matchless in quality.

All sorts of kicking shields such ascurved kick shields,MMA kick shields, and many others are available in the best quality. The training equipment that a basic martial art trainee needs must not only be safe and skill improving, but they must also be comfortable and easy-going.

These products help to enhance the trainees ability to focus, concentrate, and boost up his confidence.

We consider the fitness and protection of boxers to be our first priority. So we suggest the products that are in the best interests of the professionals. Good martial art equipment must be durable, and it should work for a longer period of time and that is what we make sure to provide our users with.

Holding a kick shield for frontal strikes (punches and front kicks)

The first technique is to hold the kick shield in a way that punches as well as kicks come in direct contact with the shield. The basic method that you should foolow is to simply keep the shield pressed on my chest while one hand is at the bottom or and another one on top.

Keep the shield against the body

You must keep one thing in mind that never keeps the shield away from your body. You must have seen it in lots of training institutes that coaches try to keep the shield away from their bodies. However, you must know that it is a very unsafe thing to do. Have your pad against your body no matter what.

How to stand for frontal strikes on the kick shield?

Now here I will keep one of my hands on top while covering it below my chin, but make sure it is not too close or else you are going to feel it briskly. My other hand will be put underneath.

Now, this is how the shield will be held. Make sure to keep your posture almost like boxing. The leg must not be standing side by side. One leg must keep the momentum in helping moving forward. The legs must be in a rectangular poise. It helps in keeping the body balance well maintained.

Kick shield holding techniques for punches

The same is the case for punches. The pad must be held up against the chest. Keep in mind that this is only for straight punches. As the pad we offer has a nice length, so from whichever direction a punch is thrown, it wont let your body get hit. Make sure that when you are holding for a technique like straight punches, you must not put your hands behind the strikes. While one hand is held underneath, it helps in preventing a crisp punch from the opponent.

Apparently, you might think it is an easy job just to hold a pad. But it actually requires lots of techniques and movements. It is true that the pad is comfortable and convenient to use; however, you must know how to keep it under your control. The pad must be held very nice and close to your body, and it must stay there during whole training hours.

It is fine if you want to switch hands. You might do so if your grip on the pad is not tight as before. In this way, by putting one hand on top and other on the bottom, things become safe and secure, and the pad settles against your body just the way it is supposed to be. This way, it becomes much easier to feel the repellant force.

To wrap it up!

Kick shields are an important piece of equipment that aid in making our practice turn out better. Your major concern must always be to use the best kick shield in the correct way to get the best results.