Feel the Authentic Flavor in Garuda

Don't miss the authentic and traditional taste at Garuda which is the best highway restaurant in Eluru.

Looking for Sunday brunches In Eluru? Garuda food court is offering a delicious variety of dishes that'll make your family brunch scrumptious! The Sunday Brunch at Garuda food court the best restaurants in Eluru not only offers a delicious variety of dishes but also entertains the entire family. And in case you are on a trip and feeling hungry then visit Garuda food court which is the best highway restaurants in Eluru. The space is filled with music and a playground for kids, keeping the vibe of the afternoon fun and relaxing. As for the food, we offer multiple cuisines - Indian, continental, Asian and Italian - so that people of all ages can find something they love!

Garuda is the best veg Non veg Restaurants in Eluru which provide traditional authentic veg and non-veg food with affordable prices. And it's not difficult to search for this restaurant as it is one of the highway restaurants in Eluru.

Most of us are hard core foodies and we could just sit and hog on our favorite ones all day.

Our top 10 dishes are:

  • Pulasa pulusu: it's one of the expensive fish found in Godavari River. It's a sea fish and it is known for its amazing taste.
  • Gongura mutton: The Authentic andhra style mutton curry cooked with gongura leaves giving it the spicy and sour gongura flavor.
  • Kodi pulao: rice cooked with meat and spices to make a mouthwatering dish.
  • Natu kodi kura with ragi mudha: This is an authentic dish from Rayalaseema where Ragi (Filler Millet) are harvested in abundance. Ragi mudha tastes amazing with the Naatu Kodi Koora(Country Chicken Curry).
  • Ulava Chaaru: Ulava Chaaru (Brown Soup) is Andhras favorite dish made of horse gram. Vijayawada has Ulavacharu manufacturing units which export the packaged Ulava charu to multiple nations and to the major cities of India. Ulava charu with fresh cream is one of the finest authentic dishes that one should try from Garuda food court which is the best veg Non veg Restaurants in Eluru.
  • Garelu with natu kodi: garelu(vada) with natu kodi( country chicken) is one of the best breakfast of A.P which should not be missed.
  • Golden vanjaram fry: it is an expensive fish caught in visakhapatnam port.The most asked appetizer in garuda food court the best restaurants in Eluru. Don't miss out.
  • Cashew nut chicken: it is made up of cashew and chicken mixed with thick sauce made up of soya sauce and oyster sauce.
  • Butter garlic prawns: made with prawns fried in butter with a pinch of lemon.it is one of the best and authentic dishes in the best restaurants in Eluru.
  • Mango lassi: after food, beverages are heaven. So try mango lassi which is made from the best quality mangoes and it's absolutely delicious.

So if you are planning a trip on the way to eluru then Garuda food court which is the highway restaurants in Eluru and the best veg non-veg Restaurants in Eluru.

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