Never touch a black girl's hair unless it is absolutely necessary

Black women will be portrayed in a variety of styles, including long straights and big waves, under the screen

Black women will be portrayed in a variety of styles, including long straights and big waves, under the screen. They will also be able to shine brightly when they are in the spotlight. As everyone is aware, the hair quality of black women in real life is quite different from what is portrayed here. Whether it's Michelle Obama's dignified shoulder-length haircut or Rihanna's smooth, wavy looks, the majority of African-American celebrities and public figures have hairstyles that necessitate the use of wigs.

However, black hair grows relatively slowly, at approximately 0.9cm per month, and is more prone to breakage and damage than other types of hair. Furthermore, because of their naturally rough and curly hair, they are destined to have hair that is simple to maintain. It is nearly impossible to straighten and they fall out easily because of their unusually curly texture. They grow into pin-sharp, voluminous curls that are almostHD lace wigs impossible to straighten.

The fact that so few black people are immune to this genetically induced hair problem is even more tragic. The majority of black women wear their hair in bangs or in braids, which are called braids. Black women's natural hair is typically shaggy and curly in appearance.

The majority of black men choose to have their hair shaved or braided close to the scalp, while any black woman who wishes to experiment with styling will have to rely on as many wigs as possible. Wives are typically replaced after a few months, and for some black people, wearing wigs has become an absolute necessity over time.

The purchase of new clothes and lipstick is a part of every pig girl's daily routine, but the purchase of a wig is the most common little thing in the lives of black pig girls, as well. A professional barber shop will cut their natural hair to a length of only three or five centimeters, depending on how long it is. Steel needles are used to weave human hair, chemical fibers, and chemical fibers mixed with animal hair onto natural hair, resulting in wig braids. It will take at least three to four hours to complete the entire process.

A white-collar black woman working in a foreign company will require a monthly investment of 15-30 US dollars, and if you happen to meet a wealthy individual, this investment could be as much as 500 US dollars per month. In the opinion of the person in charge of an e-commerce platform, African American women who live in areas with a slightly higher quality of life have an average of 6-7 sets of wigs in their possession. The poor dress in fabrics, while the wealthy dress in human hair. The grades are the same as when we buy clothes, where the prices range from five hundred yuan to five yuan.

Michelle's hairstyles range from shoulder-length straight headband wigsto voluminous short curls, from bobs to bangs, and from regular black to dark brown and beige. She is constantly experimenting with new looks. According to a political website in the United States, the first lady's hairstyle is similar to American politics in that you never know what you will see the next time you look at her.

Wigs have become a symbol of hidden wealth in black social circles, as they indicate that you have the financial means to take care of your hair and maintain your appearance. As comedian Chris Rock stated in his documentary Good Hair, "We black men are taught never to touch a black woman's hair because it costs them a fortune!"

Local wig shops can be found everywhere in Africa, and changing hairstyles is as common as changing clothes in this continent. For this reason, when I learned that wigs made in China were inexpensive and simple to use, they immediately became the prized possessions that black girls rushed to acquire.

After social media gained popularity in 2012 and the emergence of online celebrities, the sale of wigs on online shopping platforms began to soar to unprecedented heights. According to the Yan Value Economic Report published by the AliExpress platform, Chinese wigs have risen to become one of the most sought-after products by international consumers, with transaction speeds reaching an average of one wig being purchased every 2 seconds on average. First and foremost.

You can find a wide variety of wigs on AliExpress by searching for the keyword "wig." When you open the platform and enter "wig" as the keyword, you will see all kinds of wigs, and each one has a large variety that can be freely selected according to the demand for hair volume. You can meet people who are thicker or thinner in this place. From time to time, you can even come across some celebrity favorites, such as the Dragon Mom shape from Game of Thrones.

The majority of the orders for these wigs are in excess of 1,000 pieces, with the largest order approaching 8,000 pieces. However, the cost of body wave lace front wigsis not inexpensive. The price of popularly purchased wigs ranges between $30 and $320 US dollars, which is approximately 200-2200 yuan in value. These wigs, which are in high demand, must go through a lengthy collection, bleaching, and reprocessing process, but without exception, the majority of them are sourced from Xuchang, a small inland city in the Chinese province of Henan.

Almost one-third of the population can be traced back to the wig industry, and hair-making factories can be found on nearly every street corner, earning Xuchang the nickname "wig capital."People from Xuchang have been in the hair business for more than a century, according to records. According to legend, a German businessman traveled to China at the time to purchase hair raw materials, and a man named Bai Xihe in Xuchang recognized an opportunity and joined him in opening a hair shop, which purchased a large amount of hair and sold it to wig factories in Japan and South Korea. These hairs are processed into wigs, which are popular among Europeans and Americans, after going through several layers of processing.