Everybody wants one of the best new Android smartphones, but not everyone may or may not spend the total price for one. Some people are happy to spend a retail price, but others are looking for discount offers, and one way to get a discount is to look for arefurbished Android smartphone. As youd expect, buying arefurbished Android smartphoneis not as easy as going to a store and asking for one. It will take a little more research and knowledge. But we have gathered all the information to help you guide therefurbished marketto make the best selection when purchasing your new Android smartphone.

What Do You Mean By Refurbished?

We have seen the word Refurbished around a lot, but that doesnt mean it is a standardized term. You can see it used interchangeably with reconditioned, recertified, open box, or pre-owned. No matter the exact word, it usually refers to a product sold as new. Still, its returned to the manufacturer for any reason, like by a store, a reseller, or the customer, and ready to sell again. They are sold at a discount price, so people are curious about them.

Depending on the country you are buying, a purchased and opened product, possibly not removed or operated from packaging, may no longer be sold as new and instead be refurbished. Stores, resellers, and companies then have to offer discounts on the device as it is not technically new and therefore cannot be listed at the same price as the new smartphone. Sometimes, refurbished devices were unpacked and returned to a store or sent back to the manufacturer to have a malfunction fixed before selling products again.

Unfortunately, when purchasing arefurbished Android smartphone, it is difficult to know what caused the cell phone to be in refurbished condition or how it is certified as refurbished.

What To Look For When You Are Buying a Refurbished Android Smartphone?

The problem withrefurbished Android smartphonesis you dont necessarily know what potential paths were used to get refurbished in the first place. The fact is that even if you have a cell phone in your hand, you will never know. But there are a few great tips to keep in mind while buying arefurbished Android smartphone.

  • Whenever possible, always buy from the parent company or reputed store. They perform the best refurbishing method and can ensure that the cell phone is in a good working situation.
  • Check out what warranty, if any, is being given for therefurbished Android smartphone. Some makers offer a complete warranty forrefurbished Android smartphones, while third parties generally will not.
  • Read the fine print on discount sales, even if it is hard to find. Most refurbished or open-box cell phones are sold as is, with small or no choice for a return or refund.
  • Always remember the age of the device you want to buy. It may well be discounted, but many of those discount deals are likely due to getting older. Sometimes companies dont sell refurbished editions of the new cell phones but instead sell a model or two of older cell phones.
  • Refurbished Android smartphoneswill be affordable, but they wont be a steal. If the cost is too reasonable to be true, it probably is. If you see a dealer selling late-model refurbished Android smartphones for half retail price or less, chances are theres some catch you havent found yet.

Where To Buy Refurbished Android Smartphones?

If you have been researching and are ready to buyrefurbished Android smartphones, here are some of the best places to frequently refurbish, recertify, pre-owned, or open-boxed cell phones.

1. Gazelle

You have probably heard about the Gazelle if you have ever looked at reselling your cell phone. The site offers instant discount deals on cell phones (and other devices like tablets and laptops), pays through Amazon gift cards, PayPal, or paper checks, and refurbished devices sent to someone else to sell. It is not only a great method to make quick money on your old technology; It is an eco-friendly system that will reduce e-waste by keeping the devices in use for a longer time.

You can approach Gazelle with confidence. Each device goes through a long process to ensure no one ends up with a lemon and has a 30-day return policy. Gazelle often has seasonal discount deals. If you change your mind, its on brand new cell phones from most carriers.

2. Amazon Warehouse

Amazons warehouse doesnt offerrefurbished Android smartphones. There is a considerable selection of open-box equipment, meaning that someone else purchased it and quickly returned it. We have bought a product hoping for the best but realized its not for you. Maybe you didnt like the software or bought an unlocked cell phone incompatible with your carrier.

Whatever the matter, you are well within your rights to return the device within the assigned period, and someone else at the Amazon warehouse will be happy to order it at your location. It is important to note that these devices are not damaged or worn out. It is more or less like purchasing a new device at a nominal discount.

3. Best Buy

Almost everyone has Best Buy near their home, and while the company has a wide option of brand-new cell phones in its mobile section, it also has some less-than-new devices. Like Amazon Warehouse, Best Buy will sell some pre-owned devices and open-box completelyrefurbished device models. Generally, you will find the best discount deals on refurbished and pre-owned device sections, while open-box cell phones usually are closer to the total retail cost than theyre more or less new.

One of the main benefits of Best Buy is its proximity; There is a great option; you can choose an open-box cell phone straight from your local store. As for any online discount deals, if you dont want to worry about possible porch pirates, they can ship the cell phone directly to you or have it at your nearest place.

4. Back Market

One of the most attractive things about Back Market is how clear it is with its buyers. The company will work with cell phone repair technicians and refurbishers listed to sell phones of various conditions and price points, from the material condition of the cell phone to the amount of e-waste you are saving by purchasing a pre-owned device.

All tools from Back Market have a 30-day money-back guarantee and a minimum 12-month warranty. The company handles regular flash discount sales on laptops, headphones, tablets, and even computer peripherals to offer eye-watering savings on cell phones.

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