Top 6 Crystals With Astonishing Health Benefits

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Crystals are indispensable items for those who want to get deeper into their existence and healthcare. More than just colored stones, these minerals are known for their therapeutic and energetic properties, which go beyond mysticism.

Every crystal has a system called crystalline, which designates the regular grouping of atoms or molecules in each of these minerals. This is what allows the crystal to be an object that emanates and also absorbs energy, unlike other stones and rocks.

Want to sleep better? Have more appetite? Control anxiety or even anger? To start entering this crystalline world, we have prepared a list of six easily accessible crystals and their therapeutic properties, which are quite compatible with today's main complaints. So, before you search for crystal healing near me, read below!


Do you know those days that hit a lot of anxiety and uncertainty about which way to go? Chrysocolla can be a great ally when there is a lack of momentum, opening the way, and welcoming emotions. In addition, it works as a true advisor, showing that, yes, we are worthy of many good things, but it is important to be open to receive them. You can be sure that the anxiety will go away - and the colic, too if you are menstruating or have PMS.


Lack of appetite? No desire to get out of bed? Half bleh with life? Here is Carnelian, a variation of Agate. This stone acts as a real channel of energy. In addition to giving focus and facilitating creativity to carry out practical day-to-day activities, it brings creative power to all life around. If any annoying situation happened and left you wanting nothing, including eating, you can bet that Carnelian helps you and throws you forward.

Ross Quartz

Famous as the stone of love, the Rose Quartz even speaks of affection. But more than romantic love, this crystal talks about unconditional love, that which we can feel for ourselves and, consequently, for the rest of the world. It is a stone linked to that feeling of welcoming emotions, of genuine and pure love. If you need to work on your relationship with yourself, it is an excellent crystal to use in necklaces, as it helps the heart chakra. However, when using for a long time, there is a risk of getting a little melancholy or gummy. To balance, experts with crystal healing certification recommend using this crystal with green quartz.

Green Quartz

The Green Quartz doubles with the crystal of the previous item, putting together a perfect combo to balance the heart chakra, responsible for what we feel. More than that, this green pebble, which has an abundance around, speaks of vitality, of nourishing our energy. It is known as the universal healing stone because its green color represents just that. And not only an emotional cure but a physical treatment as well, since it transmits the healing power to the cells of the body and strengthens health in general.

Marine Water

Sometimes it is difficult to see the truth behind some of the feelings we have, isn't it? Aquamarine is a crystal that works as a true lens, helping to understand and identify what deserves our attention. Everything the way it is, without conditioning or illusions. Besides, it helps emotions to flow, as well as communication, releasing any unnecessary emotional burden. Wearing in necklaces is a good choice as it is a stone that balances the chakra located in the throat.

Quartz Crystal

This one is the true king of minerals. In addition to serving as a raw material for various products such as glasses, solar energy plates, and batteries, transparent Quartz is a super powering energy conductor. As it amplifies and conducts the energy we desire, it works like a wild card when it comes to healing with crystals. Do you have an intention? Just direct it through the quartz. That is why the crystal is used in chromotherapy sticks. When a quartz dredge is placed in the environment, the relationship between the people who live there becomes more harmonious.

To learn more about this stuff, search for "reiki and crystal healing near me". On the other hand, if you are satisfied with the provided knowledge, just pay attention to what kind of energy and purpose you want to boost and choose the one according to it.