Everything You Need To Know About Venetian Plaster Walls

Who does not want to bring happy vibes to their house?

There are various factors, including the ceilings, rooms and much more, that can affect the way a house looks. If you feel that the look of your house is a little outdated or your tastes have changed, getting in touch with a reliable Venetian plaster contractoris a great way to give yourself a fresh start.

The Venetian plaster is a type of wall and ceiling finish that gives an illusion of depth and transforms the surface into genuine marble and lime. Your quality home can have beautifully crafted walls and columns, made using this authentic lime plasterandgiving a much more luxurious feel than any other synthetic finish!

When made with authentic material, it creates elegant, unique walls that are environment friendly and eternal in their beauty. Initially it was quite popular in Italy and Mediterranean areas, but now it is found nearly in every corner of the globe.

Before deciding to add the Venetian walls to your property, here are a few things that you should know:

  • Appearance: As per the assumptions, the Venetian plaster is thought of to be a shiny, faux finish, but ittakes a much different appearance. It is more of a rustic-looking matte texturized stone.

  • How it is applied: Since Venetian plaster is an art, in order to achieve theauthentic ceilings and walls, it is essential to hire a professional plastering contractor. It cannot be applied properly by someone who does not have the skill and knowledge to apply it.

  • Cost: In the world full of myths and misconceptions, most people assume that achieving authentic Venetian plaster walls is out of the budget. Despite of its ancient roots in the romanticized canals of Venice, the initial installation cost might be more than other kinds of traditional plastering, but is said to be an amazing money savor because of its long life span.

The best thing about Venetian plasters is that itdoes not need to be painted every few years, it is resistant to mold, and stands up against cracking.

At C and C Plastering, we have mastered the plastering method and hold years of experience in the industry. Our team of professionals will give your walls a rich, natural patina that creates a luxurious setting in any area of the home.

Thus, give us a call today and add a beautiful,durable and hassle free finish to your home.