Best Free Content for You to Enjoy At Home During Lockdown

This guide is about the best free movies, ebooks, songs, and other entertainment and productive services that you can consume. All content recommended here is free of cost, and you can enjoy these services at home.

This guide is about the bestfree movies,ebooks,songs, and otherentertainmentandproductiveservicesthat you can consume. All content recommended here is free of cost, and you can enjoy these services at home.

These days when kids cant go to school, parents are at home, it is a nice time for families to spend time together. So, as a parent, your responsibility is to keep your family happy, positive, motivated, and productive.

You can keep everyone busy with some productive work and in your free time, you all can enjoy some good films, TV shows, virtual rides, documentaries, and other beneficial activities.

Sadly, it can be hard to find free services that provide such kind of content for your family. You may spend hours searching for a free movie that you and your family members can enjoy in your free time.

We are here to help! We will walk you through a full guide that will tell you what services are best for free movies and TV Shows, ebooks, music, virtual rides, learning apps, and more.

Lets get started

Where to Watch Free of Cost Movies and TV Shows

These days,Netflix,AmazonPrimeVideo,Hulu,HBO,etc. are among the most popular streaming networks. There are other free alternatives as well that are utterly reliable and genuine. All you need is a powerful streaming connection to keep you going. Here are the best free video streaming services to get your family entertained with various titles:

  • Crackle
  • Hoopla
  • Plex
  • Kanopy
  • Internet Archive
  • IMDb TV
  • Tubi TV
  • The Roku Channel
  • Vudu
  • Pluto TV

These services offer wonderful movies and shows that have a plethora of collections, be it adventures, thriller, sci-fi, action, comedy, and other genres. Besides that, your kids can watch delightful and productive videos onAmazon Kids TV shows. It is completely free of cost to access and has really great content to keep your kids learning and busy.

Where to Get Free Magazines, Books, PDFs, and Ebooks

Indeed you cant watch movies and TV shows all the time, and even if you can, it is neither safe. If you love reading, then we have a good collection of services where you can get high-quality digital books for free. You dont need to buy books from the market anyone. Not only that, but we also have a collection of free service that provides regularly updated magazines.

In some regions, the local libraries provide free digital copies of their books, comics, and novels. You can contact them to know whether they offer free digital books or not.

All you need to do is visit the official website of your local library. If you have no idea what libraries are available in your region, then simply Google it. Once you find the local listing of libraries in your area, choose one and contact them. Ask the official website and then borrow free digital books from them.

Keep in mind that almost every library offers free book borrowing if you have a library card. Once you get that, just borrow free digital books from their website and read them on your iPad, iPhone, or Android phone. Almost every smart device has the ability to open PDFs or Ebooks.

Even if they dont offer free books, these websites give free digital books to read online:

  • Smashwords
  • BookBub
  • Project Gutenberg
  • ManyBooks
  • Authorama
  • Goodreads
  • LibriVox

Where to Download, Install and Play Free Video Games While Stuck at Home

Face it- your kids will probably not enjoy reading books, watching serious movies or TV shows for hours. They need something else that can make them fill with excitement, such as video games. However, most kids become addicted to them, so they should set a time limit for how long they are playing.

If your kid loves video games, then here are the best games to download and play for free:

  • GTA 5is presently free for this week atEpic Games. (Download it now before the offer ends)
  • If you are anAmazon Prime member, you can get8free games that cost 100 dollars for non-prime members.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republicis available for free.
  • GOGvideo-game distribution company is providing27free titles. To access these games, you can visit their site.

Free Video Chatting To Keep Connected With Loved Ones

Too much reading books, playing games, watching videos will cut your connections from the world and the people you love. You also need to regularly talk to the people you love, such as your relatives, friends, granny, or grandpa. A regular phone might not be enough when its been months without seeing each others faces.

You should use a video chatting service to talk to them face to face. Havent you heard the popular line A picture is worth a thousand words. So why not pick a free video calling service and talk to your loved ones.

Here are the most popular and free of cost video calling apps:

  • WhatsApp- Best for Android users
  • Zoom- best for Windows
  • FaceTime- Best for iPad or iPhones
  • Skype- Best for Windows or Mac
  • Google Meet- best for professional purposes
  • Facebook Messenger- best for group video calling
  • Marco Polo- best for casual meetings with friends

Best Free Music and Podcasts

Everyone needs music, and without it, life is almost black and white. These days when tons of anxieties are banging in your mind, music can heal the wounds you have in your heart and mind. Dont invest hundreds of dollars in music subscription when you can stream it for free. These free services also provide podcasts from popular artists so you can also enjoy it:

Here are the best music and podcast services:

  • Pandora One of the best music streaming apps for Apple devices
  • Spotify Stream free music with occasional ads
  • Tidal 4 months free subscription then monthly subscription charge. You can cancel the subscription before the 4th month so you wont get charged.
  • Amazon Music HD 30 days free subscription that can be canceled before renewal.


  • Google Podcasts- Android app for podcast listeners
  • Podcasts for iPhone- Free app on Apple App Store

How to Educate Your Kids at Home

No schools do mean they are going to waste time playing video games. There are several options to educate them for free even while at home with the help of technology.

Here are the best free learning and education apps:

  • Khan Academy
  • MasterClass
  • Age of Learning
  • Scholastic Learn at Home
  • PBS Kids
  • Mystery Science
  • Prodigy

All of these apps have some courses and content for free. However, some books or courses might be paid. Some of these apps provide distance learning as well, so make sure to browse and check each service.

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