Use of SMS Marketing for Promoting Your Business this Halloween

The following are tips for SMS marketers looking to use Halloween to promote their businesses;

The holiday season is slowly upon us. Before that, Halloween is the upcoming holiday just around the corner. It has become a big part of our annual calendar events especially for businesses looking to market their products or services this season. This tradition marks a great opportunity for them to promote their business in thousands of events leading to Halloween as well as on the day itself. One thing you can ensure is the attachment of the current generation to their phones as a huge majority of them use them to stay connected to social media, communicate with others and even do most of their online shopping as well. Cellphones offer a great channel for direct promotion in the form of SMS and to top that, SMS marketingis one of the most successful and cost-effective strategies up to date.

Moreover, Halloween is just the start to the holiday season so marketers have a great task ahead of them to make and keep customers to get the maximum benefit for their respective companies. We can apply Paredos 80-20 principle to this as well. Most companies make generate 80 percent of their revenue in 20 percent of the year which we can correspond directly to the holiday season. Likewise, in the Middle East, national, religious holidays and seasons are the trending events marketers use to promote most of their products and services.

The following are tips for SMS marketers looking to use Halloween to promote their businesses;

1. Offer Halloween themed gifts to customers

This is a test of how well you know and connect with your audience. Using your database, you can send out promotions based on demographic and history of purchase with free Halloween themed gifts. This is great for your business and it gets families with young children to purchase your products. Nobody says no to free stuff anyway, plus, there are tons of free giveaway ideas that can go with your business.

2. Organize your Campaigns According to Segmentation and Time

Halloween isnt about just the day but the whole month leading to the 31st. Most costumes are sold weeks prior to the event. Parties and events are planned ahead of time as well so marketers have the task of placing promotions to customers in real-time. Moreover, your audience should be well segmented in order for your campaign to be more direct and effective. Over 90 percent of kids go trick or treating while adults mostly attend costume parties, go to dinner or stay at home. This means that you should promote your products according to age groups.

3. Cross-Channel Marketing with Social Media

When you merge two or more marketing channels, the results improve drastically. SMS marketing is most effective when you direct your twitter, Facebook, Website promotions straight to subscribers on their cellphones. So, instead of them looking for your product or service, you find them. Plus, you should add in some links as well as most devices are usually connected to the internet in case you need to paint a picture for them.

4. Not Everyone is Looking to Party

As surprising as this sounds, over 30 percent of adults use the holidays including Halloween to simply relax from work and even that is if they get the day off. This is a great opportunity for the service industry like restaurants, bars and stores to promote their delivery services to offer comfort to customers. Most people like to kick back, put on a great scary movie and eat some Halloween food and candy.

5. Involve Your Customers and Execute Flash Sales

Mass texting is great for promoting flash sales. You can offer limited time incentives or call-to-action to customers in real-time leading to the main event. Involving your customers makes them coming back for more events. For instance, costume competitions, games, food contests and tons of activities can keep them connected for future holidays and events.

Finally, its time to mark your calendars for more upcoming events including the big three holidays of the year. Any business which capitalizes on the holiday season can add to their business trophies and list of achievements for that year. Plus, SMS marketing came to rise from small to medium businesses so size doesnt matter as long as you use every channel at your disposal to promote your business in a manner that is fruitful to your company.

Here is a list of upcoming holidays you should look forward to this fall;

1. Black Friday

2. Veterans Day

3. Thanksgiving Day

4. Christmas Day

5. Boxing Day

6. New Years Eve