Why my Outlook Keeps Asking For Password?

MS Outlook has very user friendly interface and proffers smooth performance, but at times owing to some errors and bugs, it does fail.

MS Outlook has very user friendly interface and proffers smooth performance, but at times owing to some errors and bugs, it does fail. One such error that might haunt you is the problem of Outlook Keeps Asking For Password. Now the question arises why outlook keep prompting for password?


There are several reasons behind outlook why it keeps prompting for a password, such as:

  • Outlook is configured to or set to prompt for credentials on a regular interval of time
  • Improper Outlook password stored by the Credential Manager
  • Due to corrupt Outlook profile
  • Having bad network connection
  • Some antivirus programs leads to Outlook errors

What would you do when Outlook is configured to prompt for credentials?

When you enabled the User identification settings in Outlook, then it prompts uninterruptedly for login credentials. To tackle down this password prompt issue, you need to disable this setting. You can do that from the Security tab of Microsoft Exchange dialogue box, simply by unchecking theAlways prompt for logon credentials box.

Learn to remove stored credentials from Credential Manager

  • By removing beforehand stored credentials from the Credential Manager, you can also get rid of this issue:
  • From the control panel go to Credential Manager.
  • Search for the credential sets that have Outlook in the name.
  • Expand the set and tap on Remove from Vault.
  • For all credential sets that have Outlook in the name repeat the same steps.

You may also try taking help from experts via dialing Outlook Support Phone Number. This number is available all the time so you can contact them at any time.

When Outlook Profile is corrupt

Due to corrupt profileOutlook may fail to remember password. To fix the corruption issue, simply create a new profile in Outlook.

What to do when there is Bad network connection?

Bad network issue can happen anytime, and this may crop up when Outlook is unable to connect to the server. The sluggish or unstable network can also lead to the loss of connection to the mail server which leads, every time you are trying to connect, outlook is asking for credentials. To resolve this error, you can try switching to anenhanced connectivity environment and see if it resolves your issue.

Why Antivirus programs cause Outlook errors?

The installed Antivirus program within your system might be interfering with the outlook that could be the cause for this outlook password prompt issue. In this situation, you can also attempt to disable the antivirus problem for temporarily basis and see if the problem is resolved.

Optimistically, after trying above solution you may get the Outlook Password Recovery issue resolved. For further inquiry you can contact outlook teams technicians via dialing given phone number.

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