How To Boost SEO Rankings By Optimizing Your Videos?

In recent years, video content has skyrocketed. It is everywhere now, and we are not sure if it is a boon or bane, especially if you are struggling to stand apart from the crowd at the top of the SERPs.

In recent years, video content has skyrocketed. It is everywhere now, and we are not sure if it is a boon or bane, especially if you are struggling to stand apart from the crowd at the top of the SERPs.

This is why we are here to tell you how you can boost your search engine rankings by adding these few simpleSEOtips to your videos. Lets understand how it can improve your rankings and put you back in the competition.

  1. Add value to your content

As simple as it may sound, it is essential to make sure that your content is relevant to your target audience. Adding value to your content will entice your viewers to invest their time in watching your video. Better the quality of your content, better are your chances to build a strong relationship with your audience, develop authenticity, and boost conversions.

2. Host the video to your domain

When creating videos to boost your SEO rankings, you need to host the videos to your own domain to make sure that the search engine does not direct the traffic to another website instead of yours.

For instance, lets assume that you upload videos on YouTube and add your website link in the description. Now, this is an excellent approach to widen your reach but not so good to improve your rankings. This is so because the search engine will focus on the youtube video first, not your website.

3. Developing interactive content

There are many ways to make your video engaging and interactive to grab your audiences attention. You can do so by adding some innovative elements in the video or splitting the video in short clips, giving your viewers an opportunity to watch the part they want to. This trick has worked wonders for plenty of campaigns.

4. Make relevant metadata

Ensure that your video provides adequate information to the search engines to help them index it. Metadata provides additional information about the video, such as its title, description, length, and file name.

You must keep the video title crisp and short. Meanwhile, the description can include more brief details and keywords to boost your videos ranking.

Additionally, you need to ensure that its file name is relevant to the video instead of a generic one such as video4155.mph. This is an excellent way to explain your content for the search engine.

5. Optimize your video with keywords

Conduct brief keyword research for your video content. Look for any relevant keywords that can help you reach more audience. Do not hesitate to experiment with keywords and phrases. But keep in mind to make it understandable for both the audience and search engine.

6. Picking your thumbnail

Thumbnail is the first thing that your audience will notice. It plays a significant role in determining whether your audience is going to click it. Therefore, be very careful while picking your thumbnail. Make sure it clearly indicates what your video is about.

7. Create shareable video

Making an interactive video is not just enough; instead, it should be appealing to your audience. Shareable video is engaging, unique, creative, and above all, it adds value to your viewers life. Hence, making the entire sharing process easy and useful.

Also, the better your content quality, the better chances you have at standing out from the crowd. Moreover, adding a clear CTA will establish your sites authority as it will guide your viewers on what they should do next.

8. Adding a video transcript

A full video transcript is basically a written form of your video content. It can be very beneficial to you if you include the correct keywords within it, allowing the search engines to understand your video better.

Either you can add a transcript to the audio portion or in the description box of your video. This will assist the search engine in discovering your video content. It will also be helpful to your visitors who wish to read the overview of your video.

9. Allow video embedding

If a viewer wants to embed your video in their blog or website, it means that they like it enough to add it in their site. This is an achievement for your video, as it may boost your websites ranking on the SERPs.

So, make sure that you allow your visitors to embed your video content, as this will help you in gaining some valuable inbound links, thus contributing to your SEO visitors.

10. Promote

Once you are done creating your video and optimizing it, its time to spread the word. Do not underestimate the power of social media in todays era. It is undoubtedly one of the most efficient methods to reach a new audience.

Therefore, promote and share your video as much as possible across various social media networks. This may help you gain more traffic, broaden your reach, and increase your rankings in SERPs. Moreover, if you think that paid promotion can help you in doubling your results, go for it. Feel free to experiment with new ways of reaching a new audience.

There are millions of ways to optimize your video content, but everything comes down to one and the most crucial point  the quality of your content. If the quality is not up to the mark, you wont be able to capture your audiences attention. And it would all be for nothing. Therefore, keeping the first and the foremost point in mind, maintain an excellent video quality and optimize it using the ten hacks mentioned above!

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