New horizon is the beginning of the third generation of animals

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"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" has achieved great success on Nintendo Switch, both from a business perspective and from the reaction of fans. In many ways, the game has taken franchising to a whole new level, introducing some new features and game styles that are immediately integrated into the series classic life simulation formula.

The director of the game, Aya Kyoguku, spoke in an interview with the Spanish boutique La Vanguardia about how she believed that "New Horizons" is still the series. Interestingly, she thinks the game will be "the beginning of the third generation of the series", highlighting how to put each game in a specific era based on the way they handle communication and multiplayer games, and in this game Animal Crossing Bells are very important items. Players can Buy Animal Crossing Bells on IGGM to reduce player cultivation.

This is her complete comment, thanks to Nintendo Everything and @jesusxd96 for the translation:

"Recalling the series, especially the main line title, I think "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" is the beginning of the third generation of the series.

The first animal traversal game has no online gaming capabilities-it was created on the premise that players can communicate asynchronously without an internet connection. Online features have been added to Animal Crossing: Urban Folklore, and you can even play with people living in different places.

In "New Horizons", since you don't actually have a normal town, there will be many changes even if you play alone. We have also added a mode called "Party Games", where you can play with people living on the same island at the same time without having to play asynchronously as before. Buy Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket to log in to the island to unlock more new gameplay.

Throughout the franchise's history, the fact that Animal Crossing is a game of communicating with people has always existed, but the choices related to the way of communication vary flexibly with changes in times and technology. "

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