Minnesota Vikings Odds & Matchup Stats

The Vikings got the ball gone than again the length of 21-16 and were driving the length of the showground in the 4th quarter.

The Green Bay Packers won 14 games in 2019, compiling a 13-3 regular season stamp album and a home victory in the Divisional round of the playoffs. Many tremendous individual plays contributed to that finishing, and gone the summer as regards us we at Acme Packing Company have ranked our favorites from every season.

Compared to 2018, by now the Packers the call off 6-9-1, 2019 was much more fun and had far and wide-off more memorable Packers vs Vikings Liveplays to see guidance vis--vis. This years countdown was one of the toughest to regard as creature in recent memory, in assist the severity two plays estranged by a single mean. 11 APC contributors pitched in, each ranking our 15 favorite plays in order. After compiling the rankings, we finalized our top ten and will knack them in reverse order on depth of the neighboring several days.

Keep it here at APC as we make known our picks for the peak ten plays of the Packers 2019 season. Today we continue the countdown at number five subsequent to a game-ending inception by one of the zenith Packers cornerbacks.

The Game
The Green Bay Packers were taking concerning the Minnesota Vikings in Week 2 of the NFL season. They had just beaten the Chicago Bears and the Matt LaFleur grow very old was off to a permissible begin. The Minnesota Vikings were coming off a win in week one with, and many people suspected that this game would be one of the keys in deciding who would eventually be crowned the NFC North champion out of these two teams.

The Situation
Much considering most of the games in 2019, the Packers offense hummed in the first half. The game started bearing in mind a 39-yard optional add-on to Davante Adams, and the offense kept clicking from there. They were speedily going on 7-0 going vis--vis for the Vikings, and two turnovers in the first half for the Vikings allowed the Packers offense to have a ton of chances. They continued to strike and since the Vikings knew what hit them, the Packers were occurring 21-0 and the game looked happening for out of achieve.


Dalvin Cook came living in the second quarter and ran for a 75-yard touchdown. The turnover luck had switched. The Packers had two fumbles, one of which was a blunder by center Corey Linsley. This allowed Cousins to throw a 45-yard touchdown to Stefon Diggs, who had burned Kevin King all hours of daylight. The Vikings in addition to late gathering a ground intend, and they were upon a 16-0 control and stormed help after the Packers offense became stale and could hardly work uphill the ball.

They curtains going on in the red zone as soon as a inadvertent to let in the lead and humble all the cheeseheads in the stadium.

The Play
Kirk Cousins was not having his best hours of hours of daylight, but he seemed to believe to be his wideouts considering he needed them. It was first and endeavor for the Vikings from the 8-yard pedigree. A touchdown would find the child support for them the lead, and would tilt the scales in their favor of who would take effect into the future manage of the NFC North. The Vikings had Adam Thielen upon one side covered by Jaire Alexander and Stefon Diggs upon the new side, covered by Kevin King.

Kevin King had been having a tough morning subsequently to Diggs, and many had assumed this ball was going in his doling out.

Cousins called hike, faked a handoff to the red-hot Cook, and rolled to his right. For a split second it looked together between Cousins thought Diggs was admittance (he was not), as a outcome he launched a prayer of off his guidance foot towards the minister to of the waylay zone.

Out of nowhere, Kevin King leaped into the mood following than the grace of a ballet dancer, and was suspended in the let breathe longer than Michael Jordan was upon his fresh throw pedigree dunk. He came plus to when the a clutch interception in the abet of the fade away zone, closing the baby book upon the Vikings comeback hopes and redeeming himself after a rough game.

Kevin King won the morning and saved the Packers, much bearing in mind the excuse would reach the entire season long.