Best Alexa Tricks That You Didn’t Know About

All the Amazon Echo users must be aware of the AI virtual assistant Alexa. This voice assistant completes minor tasks by following your commands,

All the Amazon Echo users must be aware of the AI virtual assistant Alexa. This voice assistant completes minor tasks by following your commands, and its extremely easy to use. It includes a voice recognition feature that fetches the latest news updates, food recipes, and everything that you want directly at your fingertips. It can also receive and make calls on your behalf. Over the past few years, Amazon Echo has come up with a lot of features and improvisions.

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Amazon Echo users are surely aware of the basic features that it offers, but there are other hacks and tricks that you can use with Alexa. Here are some of the tricks that you can try right now:

Get traffic details

Knowing the best route to your destination is extremely important whenever you step out of your house. There is a possibility that you can get stuck in traffic on your regular route. Alexa can help you get to your destination on time without getting stuck on traffic. You just have to make a few settings on your Echo on the Alexa app, add your location so that Alexa can find the best traffic-free route for you. On the Alexa app Menu, click on Settings and then tap on Traffic to enter the address of your current location and destination. Once the settings are made, ask Alexa, Alexa, what is my traffic? Delectable let you know about the fastest route and time required to reach your destination.

Use it as a TV speaker

You can connect your Amazon Echo to your TV for days when you want better sound quality for a dynamic movie or TV show. You will require either Bluetooth or Amazon Fire TV Stick to connect your speakers to TV. If you dont have an Amazon Fire TV Stick, the best option would be to stick to the Bluetooth settings and make sure that the speakers are kept closer to the TV, then say Alexa, connect command. Go to the Bluetooth settings of your smart TV to find and connect your Echo speakers. For disconnecting the speakers, say Alexa, unpair command.

Whisper feature

It is a very easy to use feature, and it doesnt require any setup or settings. If you dont want Alexa to respond to your commands in a loud voice at midnight, then just whisper your command, and Alexa will whisper back in response.

Set Reminders

You can set-up a list of routine reminders according to your destination. This way, you will never miss out on your daily tasks. To set up your routine on Alexa,

  • Open the Menu tab on the Alexa app and click on Routines.
  • Click on the add icons on the top right corner of the screen and then enter the routine names, for example, Send Work Report.
  • On the When This Happens tab, enter the Location where you want to complete this task.
  • Select Arrives or Leaves and choose between your home and work address.
  • Click on the Next button and then tap on Add Action.
  • If you want Alexa to remind you about your task, click on Alexa Says and then customize the response you want from Alexa.

You can also create Routines that are triggered by your voice, time, or anything else of your choice. If your Amazon Echo is connected with your smart home devices, you can command it to switch off your smart home devices when you leave your place or to turn those devices on when you arrive.

Vision settings

This setting is available on Amazon Echo Show only. This feature engages advanced computer vision and machine learning technology, and it was mainly created for visually impaired people to help them identify objects. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Turn on the camera of the Amazon Echo Show.
  • Ask Alexa by saying, Alexa, what am I holding? command. The computer screen will guide you with a set of instructions on where to hold the item to get it recognized.

Use any speaker as Echo

For using this feature, you will have to purchase echo input to turn your pre-existing speakers into the Alexa device by giving access to Alexa. You will need an oscillatory card to connect your speakers with the Echo input or pair both the devices with Bluetooth.

Tap to Alexa feature

If you use any version of the Amazon Echo Show, then you will have additional features that are not available on Amazon Echo. On Amazon Echo Show, you can type your commands to Alexa in case it doesnt understand your voice commands. To use this feature, follow these steps:

  • On the Settings of Amazon Echo Show, go to Accessibility.
  • Scroll down the page and switch on the toggle for Tap to Alexa.
  • Then click on Continue and move and release the Alexa icon on the screen.

Create a playlist

Ask Alexa to create playlists for you by giving the command Alexa, create a new playlist. It will auto-generate a playlist, and you have to give another command to name that playlist. To add songs, you will have to ask Alexa to play the songs first (the ones you want to add to the playlist) and then ask it to add the song to the newly generated playlist. Once you are satisfied with the number of songs you have added to the playlist, ask Alexa, play {playlists name.}

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