How To Retain Your Paid YouTube Views?

Make use of YouTube Advertising to promote your channel.

YouTube is a thriving place to be as a content creator and it is every YouTube creators wish to reach more audience and have more subscribers. If you want to monetize your account quickly, you would obviously choose to buy YouTube views.

This is quite common that once you find an authentic seller, there is a need for you to constantly grow your channel organically. Thus, you are not flouting any more policies of YouTube. If you have made the decision to buy YouTube views and subscribers, it is a great choice.

However, at the same time, when you are aiming to reach your target audience, you would need to retain them for the long term too. You cannot relax once you have achieved 100k subscribers. You need to aim for doubling it organically. Thus, whatever tips are there, you have to follow them religiously.

Here is what you can do, now that you have a platform where you could reach your target audience, you patiently wait for your tactics to work. Remember being consistent is the key. Therefore, when you are planning to bring epic content on your channel, you need to be relevant and interesting.

Here is how you can retain your paid YouTube views and subscribers after you have bought them off from an authentic source.

Be consistent with your uploading

Upload your videos twice or once a week, or however, you deem see fit. You need to grow with every video you make. Take constructive criticism from the industry mentors and hone your skills whether it is in the department of editing or content or directing the video.

If you still want to grow, you can use the means of YouTube Advertising

Make use of YouTube Advertising to promote your channel. It will be advertised on the whole of Google Display Network which is many reaches and hence a lot of views and subscribers.

Find where you can get traffic without paying for it

The best way is to blog about it. If you are already a sensation on Instagram, you can divert your views from there. You can also indulge in guest posts and create your own blog website.

Engage with your viewers and subscribers

After the end of your video, ask your viewers and subscribers to comment on whatever they are thinking of the video. Instead, you could ask your viewers what they would like to see next time from you.


Do not relax after you have bought your paid views. This is where you are going to hustle and learn to multiply your viewers and subscribers. In this process, you could learn to create wonderful thumbnails and shoot your videos with quality gear.

Also, editing is something you would be associated with and as you keep collaborating with other creators in the community, your worth would grow much more. Therefore, to retain your viewers, you need to be calm, patient, and hard-working to keep maintaining the pace.

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