Path of Exile: Harvest Launches Soon

Path of Exile: Harvest Launches Soon

Path of Exile: Harvest launches soon! We're very excited to ascertain you cultivating the Sacred Grove and unlocking its powerful crafting options. during this news post we've gathered all the knowledge you will need to understand about what happens on launch day and knowledge on the way to start downloading early.

The realm goes down and patching begins at: Jun 19, 2020 10:00 AM (MST)
The servers go live at: Jun 19, 2020 1:00 PM (MST)

The above times are displayed in your civil time zone. you will need to be logged into your account to ascertain these. to vary your civil time , attend "My Account", "Manage Account" and "Edit Preferences".

If the timezone is displaying incorrectly for you, please disregard the above timer and ask the countdown on the front page. Three hours before the top of the countdown, the realm will go down and patching will begin shortly after. When the countdown ends, the servers are going to be live and you will be ready to join the Harvest League!

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