Where will Bangladesh enter 2021 in information technology?

Experts within the IT sector say that this decade won’t be limited to only launching IT products and services. New and more advanced technology will always come. The old product service are going to be replaced by the updated product service soon

The new decade has started with all the new possibilitieswithin thetechnology sector. The new decadeis namedthe Fourthtechnological revolution. The versionis named4.0. Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh also seethis pointasa possible.within themeantime, Bangladesh is moving forward rapidly withthe assistanceof variedorganizationswithin thesoftware sector. This speedis predictedto extendover time.

Many innovative initiatives of Bangladeshareappreciated and rewarded outside the countryalso. Outside the country, the software makers have brightened the face of Bangladesh.during thisregard, the steps taken bythisgovernmentwithin thefieldof datatechnologyto createa digital Bangladesh have played a helpful role.

The government has extended IT services not onlywithin thecities but also beyond the district and upazila headquarters to villages and even remote and inaccessible areas. The Bangladesh Association of Softwareand knowledgeServices (BASIS)is functioningtogetherwiththe govtto implement Digital Bangladesh.

Regardingthe eventof Bangladeshduring thissector,Secretary Generalofthe planetInformation Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) James Pogents said that WITSA has chosen Dhaka forthe planetConference as Bangladesh is doing well and attaching great importancethereto. Bangladesh has Vision: 2021, through which the country is moving forward in ICT.

He further said that the key to success of any country is leadership. Bangladesh has it.within theface of the Fourthtechnological revolution, Bangladeshs information technology sector has emphasized on various infrastructural developments, includingthe eventof skilled human resources.

In this regard, Junaid Ahmed Palak, State Minister for Information and Communication Technology, said thatat the presentthe revenue of the countrys information andcommunication technology(ICT) sector is ১০ 1 billion. The target isto extendthis income to 500 million by 2021. We are decentralizing technology. For this, 28 high-tech parksarefound outacross the country.the soledesire of allfolkshere is to use technology for socio-economic development

Five-G technology will come to the people atthe startof the new decade. This technology willare availablehandy with various taskslikeAI, roboticsand largedata analysis. That is, skilled workersare going to beneeded.within thenext decade, more and more innovative technologies will comeand makenew jobs,and lots oftraditional jobscould also beclosed.

For this,itsnecessaryto makeup-to-date skilled workers.thatswhat the software workers of our countrydo. Genex Infosys, Synesis IT, BrainStation, Ixora, BJIT, Pridesis, Systech Digital, BRACIT, MySoft, MediaSoft, Ira Infotech, Nesenia, Tikon, People n Tech, NITS, TCVS, TechVic Modern companies like Technologies are creating such skilled human resources.

Gopal Debnath,directorof MediaSoft Data Systems Limited, said he has been workingwithin thecountrys software sector forquite20 years. His organizationfeatures amultifaceted rolewithin thedigitization or automation of the retail sector.

Gopal Debnath said thattheresa singularpotential for local softwarewithin thesoftware market. We work withalittlea part ofit.so asto createa digital Bangladesh,itsimportantto incorporatesmall and medium entrepreneurswithin thesoftware through various incentives.weveto maneuverforward by adding new technology. We areperforming onnew technologies and new initiatives, especially Industry 4.0. Because,theresimmense potentialduring thissector. Gopal Debnath said that the local software marketwithin thecountry, including raising awareness onthe eventof the local youthwithin theinformation technology education is emphasized.

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as aresults ofrecent corporate scandals. Work is underway to develop freelancers as entrepreneurs through trainingwithin theBASIS initiative. People n Tech has been working in Bangladesh foran extendedtimeto supplyIT based training. This organization worksto makeskilled human resources at different levels.consistent withAbubakar Haneep, founder and CEOof individualsn Tech,the govtare able to doits ৫ 5 billion dream of exporting software and services by 2021.wed liketo makesuch a trained workforce and export more and more service products.

Monwar Iqbal,directorof Pridesis IT,is functioningon blockchain andAIserviceswithin thecountry. He said ERP software made by his Pridesisitsgetting usedin countries like Madagascar, Fiji and Indonesia.hesalsoperforming ontechnologieslikeAI, Blockchain, whichis predicatedin Thailand. He thinks such technology will reign forsubsequentdecade.

Expertswithin theIT sector say that this decadewontbe limitedto onlylaunching IT products and services. New and more advanced technology will always come. The old product serviceare going to bereplaced by the updated product service soon. In line with this, product capabilitiesare going to befurther enhanced in smartphone capabilities, broadband internet, cloud computing, quantum computing, real-time speech recognition, nanocomputers, wearable devices and near field communication, cyber security, smart cities, internet.

The development of cloud computing and quantum computingis predictedto varythe horizons of the worlds information technologyduring thisdecade. Experts are now talking strongly about the introduction of 3D printing and biometrics. How new devices, strategies and trends are being introduced and developed ata hugerate in online activities now