Interior Design Apps That Will Transform Your Next Renovation Project

Can’t decide if that vintage cabinet will complement your wallpaper? Want to visualize that rug in your lounge? Need a floorplan for your new project?

Cant decide if that vintage cabinet will complement your wallpaper? Want to visualize that rug in your lounge? Need a floorplan for your new project?

Here is a range of apps that will cater to all your home decor needs from color picking and re-decorating to measuring and taking care of small fixes around the house. Its time to bring out your smartphone and get renovating.


Everyone has surfed the internet for DIY solutions for menial jobs like fixing their sink, air conditioner, etc. Why not directly ask WikiHow next time?

Since 2005, WikiHow has helped millions of people solve problems- both big and small with crafty solutions. If you like doing nifty things, you will find this app extremely cool. While the app can be used for so much more than just home projects it is also a great resource to take you step-by-step through any imaginable topic.


Searching for home design concepts? Looking for aesthetic architecture ideas? You can find your creative inspiration through this app. Pinterest is an image sharing and social media service which allows users to find ideas and inspiration for their hobbies and interests.

Discover millions of possibilities for every part of your creative home design project. Expand your home storage space, install a gazebo, or set up a fireplace in almost no time.


This is an estimating app that every contractor loves. Why wouldnt they? It instantly creates and shares floor plans, field plans with easy to use features.

Contractors are constantly juggling multiple projects and tasks, which can make them less available. However, customers want their things done faster and with more accuracy in this competitive market. Therefore, it is crucial for the contractors to get the work done while on the field and have an easy way to connect to the office.

Magic Plan offers an easy solution to create share sketches, field reports, and estimates. It helps you connect with your team and understand whats happening on-site without even having to go there.


People find it highly inconvenient to carry a measuring tape around with them. What if I told you that there is an alternative? Easy Measure is an app that will relieve the burden of carrying it around. The application shows you the distance to objects seen through the camera lens of your smartphone. You can use it by simply aiming your device to any object in your surroundings, and it will display the distance towards that object on top of the camera image.


Thinking of building, remodeling, or decorating? Houzz has you covered.

Houzz provides one of the best design ideas for your home with just one tap. Browse more than 20 million high definition photos of home interiors and exteriors. Choose by style, location, or room, such as a kitchen or bathroom. If you want to make changes to the design you liked, use the Sketch feature to annotate and draw directly over the photos.

Along with the provision of ideas, the app also provides for viewing and buying products for your home. You can shop from more than 10 million products and materials, including vanities, cabinets, lighting, furniture, tile, and more. The visual recognition feature allows the user to buy products directly from the home design photos.


We all have come across a variety of shopping apps, but certain apps that outdo themselves need to be applauded. Home Depot is one such app. The app lets you purchase and manage shipping of large items that might be troubling for an individual to go pick up himself and also features an in-store GPS. This allows the user to track products to their exact location within the store.

Dont know what somethings called? Home Depot has you covered. Just snap a picture and let the Image Search feature work its magic.

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