FIFA vs PES 2020: Which is The Best Football Game Out There?

Football fans and video game fans have come together to argue this important question for years now. Which football-based video game is the best one available? The argument boils down to two main contenders who have the major market share anyway. EA Sports’ FIFA 20 or PES 2020?

Football fans and video game fans have come together to argue this important question for years now. Which football-based video game is the best one available? The argument boils down to two main contenders who have the major market share anyway. EA Sports FIFA 20 or PES 2020?

There are many things to consider here. Graphics and gameplay are important, but so is the feel of the real-life football ecosystem and club names. Both of these contenders have shown extreme improvement and have listened to their target audience since the first versions came out years ago. And since they bring out an annual update, the versions have improved drastically.

Lets look at the main differences between these two impressively crafted video games, point by point-

  • Licenses: FIFA vs. PES

One of the main points of contention over the years has been the overwhelming difference between the number of licenses that these games each have. While EA Sports is a gigantic organization, it comes as no surprise that they have almost all the licenses in the football world, bar one. And it might just be the turning point in the history of PES. EA sports have historically been famous for procuring all the licenses from the teams playing everywhere around the world.

But recently, Christiano Ronaldos Juventus signed exclusive rights with PES, and FIFA can no longer use Juventus. That means Juventus is the only unsigned team amongst 700 teams from 37 leagues featured in the game. All other teams have the correct names, kits, and crests.

While in PES 2020, the makers, Konami have managed to license 19 out of the 24 leagues featured. So the future looks bright for PES, but EA Sports is the undeniable winner in this category.

  • Gameplay

This is a tricky one. Some would say you cannot compare the two based on the gameplays because theyre both football games. FIFA is an addictive arcade-style game that any new user can easily get accustomed to playing. But PES 2020 aims to provide real-life experience, as close as possible, to playing football. It requires practice and time to get the hang of it. It is more surgical and much more fluid like real-life football.

This means there might be scoreless games, which isnt exactly a fan favorite. FIFA, on the other hand, is an absolute blast to play for anybody. The gameplay is fast and speedy; the players might sometimes do magical tricks. And scoreless games occur way lesser.

  • Graphics

If there is one field that PES is better in, it is this. Graphics are a huge reason why there remained a cult following of this game even in times of inconsistency and stagnant development during the years. The players have a very realistic look, and the animations are bang on. Where FIFA might have the edge is again, licensing. Although PESs graphics are way more realistic, playing a game in the Premier League feels much more real in FIFA due to its exclusive licenses. There are regular updates and changes throughout the season to make the games more realistic. Faces of the players are scanned using 3D scanners and updating their hairstyles and quirks as the season progresses.

  • Game Modes

Ultimate Team vs. My Club

Ultimate Team and My Club are the most popular modes in both these games, respectively. FIFAs Ultimate Team allows players to build their dream squads using packs and trading on the transfer market. PESs My Club, on the other hand, has an easier path to playing with your favorite players. If you earn enough GP, you get to keep them active, thats the catch. My Club lacks the mechanics that have been included in the Ultimate Team mode, like team chemistry. Thus, it is way easier to create a team with both Messi and Ronaldo.

Career Mode Vs. Master League

Career Mode and Master League are pretty much the same as per the majority of players. In both these modes, the player takes control of a club, acts as the manager. Looks over key duties like transfers and scouting, contract negotiations, and playing the games. There are cut scenes added for signings and negotiations in both the games. In PESs Master League, you can use your avatar as the manager or play with a manager from a list of iconic legends of the game.

  • Icons Vs. Legends

FIFA 20 and PES 2020 have included iconic former players, named ICONs in FIFA 20 and Legends in PES 2020. These players could be exclusive to one game like British Star David Beckham can only be seen in PES, others are available in both games such as the legendary Diego Maradona.


FIFA 20 and PES 2020 are two of the most played games in the world. The rivalry is as old as the video game worlds time. For now, the answer remains FIFA since there is just so much charisma to the game, but PES is a critically sound second.

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