Top watch brand - Rolex for you replica cellini rolex watch

Top watch brand - Rolex for you replica cellini rolex watch

For the easiest way to identify replica cellini rolex watch, here we will share some tips for identifying Rolex watches by eye. We will take one of the Rolex Submariner watches as an example-Rolex Submariner16613. Under normal light we need to recognize it.

When you see the surface of replica cellini rolex watch, you can use a normal 10x magnifying glass to see the fake watch purple paint with bubbles, while the genuine watch is very smooth and flawless.

When you use a tool to open the back cover to view the movement, this may be the key to identifying Rolex watches, because most counterfeit products use Swiss ETA movements instead of automatic movements of Rolex watch movements. You can see different colors

When you see the strap, you can see that the letters on the stainless steel strap of the genuine Rolex watch are very clear, but the edge of the fake Rolex watch is rough. When you see it under the magnifying glass, you will see many defects. And if there are no letters on the strap, it will be very doubtful. Or, you can see the back of the case. The fake Rolex text is very bad and unclear, but the edge of the real watch is very clear.

Here, I will recommend a famous replica cellini rolex watch, this is the new Rolex yacht master watch, its outer ring is made of 950 platinum, the polished gradient time scale on the surface of the polished watch is excellent, you It is convenient to calculate the time distance between 60 minutes, such as the distance between two buoys when the yacht passes by, and the elapsed time can be calculated, which is an excellent chronograph for sports men.