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Is your hp laptop running slow windows 10 and you are worried about how to fix this issue? Then no need to worry, in this article we will discuss this error. Before going to the troubleshooting methods, you need to know the proper reason why this error occurs. So, have a look at the underlying causes of the slackening of your HP laptop error.

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hp laptop running slow

hp laptop running slow windows 10

What Causes HP Laptop Running Slow Issue?

Viruses Or Malware Virus are known for generating crashes on laptops and also corrupting your data. Basically, the virus or malware can be the major cause of the hp laptop running slow windows 10.
Hard Drive Is Getting Full Sometimes, due to insufficient storage, this type of issue occurs. Basically, they sometimes are reduced to a situation where they dont get much room to breathe. When the hard drive is more than 80% full, then your system will lag more often.

HP Laptop Running Slow Windows 10

Running Too Many Program At Once Along with the hard drive, a systems Ram is too volatile a memory for running too many programs. Thus, a pile of programs can easily jam your Ram up too much. As a result, you see that your hp laptop running slow windows 10.

Windows Registry And Device Drive Issue Basically, Registry is a database, it stores all the settings and preferences for the programs that you have already installed in your system. Sometimes the registry becomes corrupt or might also be malfunctioning during the installing or uninstalling applications. At that time several users get random error codes, and they see that theirhp laptop running slowall of a sudden.

Old Or Failing Hardware- If you are using an old HP laptop, then this kind of issue can occur. This is because the hardware is often unable to meet with the new technology.
These were the crucial causes of the occurrence of this problem. You must go through all the reasons accurately to combat the issue. Now, take a glimpse at the solutions which you can try to solve your problem.

HP Laptop Not Recognizing Ethernet Cable

hp laptop ethernet port not working

Fixhp laptop running slow windows 10?

There are quite a few methods of troubleshooting this error. However, we provide the most appropriate ones for you:

Use Antivirus Removal Software
Eliminating malicious files will tune up the laptops overall performance. In order to get rid of this issue, you can various types of security software. Alternatively, you can go through the following steps- First, acquire a security program. Then, install the program. Next, update it. After that, scan your system. Remove any corrupted file. Finally, rescan your system.

Deep Cleaning The Hard Drive
You can use a tool Clean My PC, which can clean out all the corrupted and unused files automatically.

Clean Registry And Update Drivers
This kind of issue is easily fixed by using software like RegistryCleanerKit. It can clean your Registry and also update the Drivers.

Upgrade The Hardware Components
If you are using an old HP Support then hardware upgrades can fix this issue. Adding extra Ram will help your system to work faster.
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